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Best Bread Pudding in the Quarter?

Who makes it? This is the one thing I really have been dreaming about and I want to know where I can find the best of the best within walking distance. Thanks in advance for all suggestions!

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  1. yum...
    Where are you staying?

    Personally...and everyone debates this but here's my 2 fav's:
    1. Mr. B's Bistro - Pretty Traditional but with an Irish whiskey sauce
    2. Palace Cafe - White Chocolate Bread Pudding

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      I'm with you on the Palace Cafe.
      Also, the bread pudding souffle at Commander's!
      Neither one is traditional though. For that I'm open to suggestions.

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        I'll be staying at the Hotel St. Marie on Toulouse. I am really into sweets and I have been dreaming about bread pudding for weeks now! :) If you have any other "sweet treat" ideas, please send them my way! :)

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          Well those places are near you...
          If you go to B's you gotta get the profiteroles too!
          And if you go to Palace - they do Banana's Foster table side!!!!!
          And yeah that Bread Pudding Souffle @ Commander's is crazy good (but it's outa the quarter).
          obviously beignets

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            If you're really into sweets, head uptown for a 1-2 punch on Magazine: Sucre, a high-end dessert/candy/gelato spot and La Divina Gelateria, just a few doors away (killer flavors like grapefruit/campari, fresh mint, etc).

            1. re: Hungry Celeste

              +1 on Sucre.

              For best bread pudding in the quarter, I'm going to have to join in with others here too - Mr. B's.

        2. if you can get to commanders(I don't know whether the streetcar is back running) their's is my favorite. It has all of the qualities I want in a bread pudding, custardy, sweet,and asauce to die for.

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            Yum...I have heard Commander's has a great BP...I will try and swing by there too.

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              Since it is a souffle, it must be prepared to order. You have to place your request when you order your entree. And it's generous enough to share.

          2. Cafe Reconcile offers a fantastic bananas foster bread pudding. Obviously not the Quarter, but not too far for a cab ride.

            1. I know that Bon Ton Cafe has delicious Bread Pudding w/whiskey sause. Its not in the quarter but its a super easy walk. Their food is marvelous as well.

              1. Obviously NOT in the FQ, but I had a great one at Ralph's On the Park at their Sunday Brunch. I love bread pudding and this was one of the best. I'd hire a car, or a cab, just for that dessert. However, you will probably find very good ones in the FQ and then you can spend the extra $'s on a great Late Harvest Viognier, or similar, to go with it.


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                  If you want a quick fix, Verti Mart has good bread pudding.

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                    Redfish grill on Bourbon street has white and dark chocolate breadpudding that is to die for.

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                    YES! I had a fantastic one at Ralph's also...sooooo gooood I took another one home to eat in bed the next morning (sauce and all)....and those dessert martinis are outrageous...

                  3. While working a stint at Mr. B's, I was once tipped $100 just to get this woman a bread pudding to go. (they don't do to-go)

                    1. I'm almost embarrassed to say, HOB. Don't go for a meal, just dessert and coffee. We do it at the bar. Their bread pudding comes on a dinner plate, surrounded by creme anglaise, topped with about an inch of fresh whipped cream and a sugar scupture (for $6). Their key lime pie is also oustanding with whipped cream and raspberry sauce. .

                      1. I love the white chocolate bread pudding at jazzfest! 10 more days until I tast it again!

                        1. Mr. B's has the best bread pudding that I've had in the quarter. Louisiana Pizza Kitchen actually has a decent bread pudding with a lemon sauce.

                          If you're willing to hop on the streetcar IMO the overall best bread pudding dish is Commander's souffle.

                          While we're talking about bread pudding I tried the krispy kreme bread pudding at FQF offered by Boucherie and didn't like it... just seemed too sugary to me. Anyone else try it?

                          Louisiana Pizza Kitchen
                          95 French Market Pl, New Orleans, LA 70116

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                            I tried it at the restaurant itself, and it was borderline awful to my palate. Very heavy, too sweet, but it was the overwhelmingly greasy doughnut aftertaste that tipped it into yuck-land. Subsequently tried the bacon brownie, and I couldn't detect a single whiff of bacon. So now I just don't order dessert there...

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                              As someone who is not that big on desserts... the Bread pudding Souffle at Commander's just knocked my out. One of the best things i have ever eaten....
                              The rest of the meal was good but the souffle!.... I'm getting dizzy thinking about it.