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Aug 20, 2007 12:28 PM

Rosemary's Texas Taco - Patterson, NY

Any recent reviews of this establishment? I drive by it every few days (taking the long way home) but never got the nerve to stop on in (it looks a little scary). I can't find any recent reviews or news (besides it being eclectic).

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  1. I haven't been there lately, but I actually really like the craziness of the place. I can see why you would think it's a little scary looking; have you ever seen Rosemary? She wears these really long false eyelashes, and paints her face up in a manner befitting the exterior look of the place. Having said that, I wasn't altogether impressed with the food last time, although I've enjoyed it prior to that.

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      I can't remember the last time I was there, but it's not a place you go for the food. It's all about the atmosphere. And it's worth a try, at least once.

      And heck, those in Patterson have a long ride to New Rochelle, so that might actually pass for good Mexican up there.

      HunterJay, stop in. You won't be sorry. It is really cool.

    2. I ate there so many times when I was in high school, they make the best tacos, I wish I could have some right now

      1. You need to check out the bathroom, if you decide to go, and yes Rosemary is scary. We checked out the the outside of the building ( walked around to the back) after we ate inside. Rosemary was not happy about this she chased us away.

        1. I also haven't eaten there in yrs. however I used to like her burritos. Atmosphere is the word and don't forget a business card your going to want to leave one. Yes Rosemary gets a bit cranky when you go around back she used to have a monkey and some other odd critters. We used to own a pet feed and supply yrs ago and I actually got to know Rosemary she is strange but also kind of cool. She used to have a chicken that ran around outside what ever color the chicken was is how you could tell what color her hair was at the time. Try it and expect to spend a bit of time looking. I don't think I ever saw everything and it changes all the time

          1. We were there last week (not our first time) for another delicious round of tacos and a spectacular game of "I Spy." Personally, I like Rosemary's tacos and her guacamole. And the price is just right! It's cheap, tasty, and fun and if you're going to be in the area it is CERTAINLY worth the trip....because I can virtually guarantee that you'll never see anything like it anywhere else.

            Rosemary has an incredible, storied past (read the article framed on the wall in the room to the left...if it's still there...) and if she's not busy and you can get her to tell you some stories, you're in for a treat.

            We went with friends whose 12 year old had never been there before. He was as enamored with the bathroom (I'm not giving it away - you'll have to go see it for yourself) as he was with the psychedelic driveway and the coin car....and he loved his taco and his burrito, too!

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              It's good to read a comment -- hungrykids -- that more accurately represent the institution that is Rosemary's. The food is good. Rosemary, herself, is only "scary" to people who will never have the guts to do what she's done, nor the creative originality.

              There are few left of her ilk. And her food rates just fine. I wish I did not live so very far away.