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Aug 20, 2007 11:46 AM

Shanti in Dorchester

Just moved to Dot a few months ago. Love dbar and Ashmont Grill so far. The pho and bahn mi are awesome. What can you tell me about Shanti?

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  1. Great atmosphere, friendly service, and terrific food, if a tad overpriced. The murg saag (chicken with spinach and spices) is really good there, BTW.

    1. Love the Shanti and never get there as often as I would like. They have a buffet at lunch, but I prefer to order off the menu. I'm always torn between the meat samosas and the pakoras for an appetizer and find myself always ordering the the tikka masala and the nabaraton korma although I do try to mix it up a bit and order and additional dish of something I haven't tried before. the atmosphere is casual and relaxed, actually quite serene. It's the perfect place for a meal after a hectic day at work.

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        I was underwhelmed by their lunch buffet on my last visit there a couple of months ago. Next time I will definitely be ordering from the menu.

        Shanti Taste of India
        1111 Dorchester Ave, Dorchester, MA 02125

      2. I've gotten dinner delivered from there several times and have been very happy with my choices-not that I'm an expert on Indian food by any means. The raita (spelling? the yogurt dish) was excellent and I've also tried the Murg Jhalfrezie, Gosht Korma and Shahi Panir Korma (homemade cheese). They all had me scooping up the last little bit of sauce with a spoon. I might even have licked a dish! They deliver too but I think the minimum order is $20. From the website the restaurant looks clean and attractive so it's actually a place to sit down-not just for take-out.

        1. Shanti is pretty good, but after our trip there last week, we decided we prefer Bukhara in JP (are they owned by the same group?).

          Anyway, the food was good if overpriced. It's a bit on the toned-down side. The selection is OK. The service is good, too, but it's hard to get bad service when there are only 3 tables taken. I've never been there when it was even half full. AT one point we were the only customers on a Tuesday at 7:30.

          Maybe it's me, but I think the food has gone somewhat downhill from when it opened. But it's still pretty decent.

          Both my SO and I agreed that we like the food at Bukhara better. More authentic, more interesting, more highly spiced (and I don't just mean hot). More variety. But you do have to put up with their horrendous service.

          Anyway, welcome to the nabe. Try Shanti and see what you think. It's a good place. Bukhara is a 10 min drive.

          Don't go to Sonny's for the pizza!

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          1. re: C. Hamster

            Hi C. Hamster, do tell on Bukhara. I've heard mixed things on this site but it would be very convenient when we move to JP. What do you like there?

            1. re: gourmaniac

              I think you see really varied opinions here on Boston's indian cuisine. My friends who were born in India and travle there often (but live here) have said, for example, that Bombay Club's food is the most authentic. But you see horrible reviews for it. I like their food but the service there is inexcusable. Other people like India Quality and the one time I ate there I thought I was eating in an Indian place in a mall in Iowa -- very bland, creamy stuff. I need to give it another try.

              Anyway, back to Bukhara. We are vindaloo junkies, so we always get that and order it hot. Bukhara complies with a very tasty, piquant and spicy dish. Shanti's (also ordered hot) was good but not at all spicy and not as "clean" tasting. Their saag dishes are very good, IMO, too. Most of the veggie dishes we have gotten have been good. Aloo Gobi is what we get most often, which was def. better than Shanti.

              As I look at Bukhara's menu on line, it looks very much like Shanti's (more evidence that they are jointly owned?), with the exception of the special dosas and other regional things. I ordered dosas once and don't really remember much about them. The Pav Bhaji veggie dish was good but not spicy enough, as I recall.

              The sauces tasted a bit old and bland at Shanti last week, which was the first thing we noticed and got us thinking about Bukhara.

              I find the service to be brusque and inattentive at Bukhara and the lighting is dim, but it's always hopping.

              There are a gazillion good places to eat in JP, though. Make sure you hit Zons.

          2. Shanti is great, in my opinion. The food is delicious, the service is great, and it's never crowded. (Perhaps one does beget the other.) Try the begun bharta (smoked eggplant, very mustardy, very smoky) and the chicken tikka masala. They do deliver, and even if there's a minimum, it's not very hard to reach it since it is somewhat pricey. If you give them your email address and birthday, they'll send you something like a 20% coupon good during your birthday month.

            I'll have to try Bukhara. I had a great meal at India Samraat this weekend, and I'm starting to get a little disappointed with my usual haunts in Cambridge, so I guess it's time to venture farther afield.

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            1. re: erwocky

              Actually, the birthday coupon is $20 off of dinner. I just got one because my birthday is next week. Throughout the year I get e-mails offering 20% off of dinner. Since, I generally dine out early I find it to be quiet at Shanti. They seem to pick up much later. Last time I was there, the place was full because of two large groups that came in.

              1. re: Pegmeister

                That's right about the birthday deal. There's another Indian place I go to (India Pavilion in Central Square, Cambridge) that has the same sort of thing. I also got Shanti's email about their week-long summer hiatus, which was thoughtful.

                They had a second restaurant next to Symphony Hall a few years back, I ate there once and had something really delicious and unusual, which of course I can't remember now. Anyone know why it closed?

                1. re: erwocky

                  At the time the Symphony Hall location closed they just said that they wanted to focus on the one location. Not sure if you know that they also own OM in Harvard Square. I was quite surprised when I learned that. I had wondered how OM had my e-mail address!