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Aug 20, 2007 11:11 AM

Going to Hawaii (Kauai)

Hello everyone,

New to this board and so far i think it's a great site!!!! Going to Hawaii this Friday for our honeymoon. Can anyone recommend any nice good restaurants to sample? All i know is Sam Choy. We're staying in the island of Kauai. Thanks in advance.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Felicitations on your marriage! Here's a fairly recent thread you might find useful.

      1. Depending on where on Kaua`i you will be staying, you might find some recs. on: All are in the Poipu Area and are higher-end restaurants.

        For other areas, there have been several recent threads, that will provide all sorts of ideas, in all sorts of price ranges. On this board, choose "Search this board," and type in Kauai.

        I could be wrong, but I do not know of a Sam Choy restaurant on Kaua`i. However, he, and Alan Wong do have a largish corporate presence in Hawai`i.

        Let us know where you will be staying, what you like, and the price-point that you'd like to hit, and you will get recs.


        1. On the Poipu area there is a restaurant called Duke's with a very big "Live Aloha" spirit. It's a sister restaurant to Maui's famous Kimo's (which is my most favorite restaurant in Maui) but much more casual. I might also suggest Roy's. It's a bit more expensive but a lot more romantic than Dukes. Roy's has a few restaurants on the mainland but the Kauai location is the original.

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            I could be wrong on my history, but I believe that Roy's Hawai`i Kai location is the original and all others came later. It has also been pointed out (to me, at least), that the Mainland restaurants are part of the Outback chain, while the Island locations are not. I do not know how much influence Roy Yamaguchi has with the Mainland locations, but he was in Phoenix for a recent charity event, where Roy's Scottsdale provided the dinner. Other than a "thank you" for the contribution, I did not have time to quizz him on the relationship. His bio states that he opened the first in Honolulu in 1988.

            I do know that the exec. chefs for each location in the Islands *used* to have quite a bit of leeway with his menus. I understand that it is not so "open" to interpretation nowadays.

            Of the Hawaiian locations, the Poipu restaurant is the only one, that we have not dined at. First trip, Ineki took it out and last time, we ran out of nights. It seems to get better reviews, than the other Roy's in Hawai`i.


            1. re: Bill Hunt

              Bill, you are correct that the "Flagship" is the Hawaii Kai location, which will be open 20 years this January. Each Exec. Chef at each location continues to retain their personal influence and creativity. TheCorp. Exec. Chef of the Pacific Division travels from location to location to check in and oversee operations spending much of her time on the road. The newest in Waikiki is helmed (as most are) by a long time Roy's Ohana member who is putting his mark on the menu he oversees which we witnessed last month. Roy's contiues to be excellent in my opinion and worth the money. The Hawaii Kai location has outdoor entertainment and often features a guitar player who continues to be a server there as well. Ronnie Nasuti (Hawaii Kai) puts amazing creations weekly and still maintains the classics.

              1. re: manomin

                Thanks so much for the confirmation and the additional info.


          2. We recently stayed at the Marriot beach Club in Lihue. We ate at Duke's which is in walking distance several times. Upstairs is more of a full dinner menu and downstairs is bar type food. Both are pretty good and it has a good fun atmosphere. Just a little further down on the same side as duke's but upstairs is an Italian place whose name escapes me. It was recommended by one of the bartenders at the Marriot. The food was excellent as are the views and service. Just beware the host is not very friendly. Once you get past that, it is a very good experience.