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what do you do with an excess of it?

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  1. I often have this trouble as whenever I feel like tuna or egg salad, I have to buy a whole bag of celery when I only need one stalk. My most chowish use is putting it into a "Holy Trinity" and making a cajun gumbo or etouffee. Otherwise it makes a good salad when sliced into lengths with apples, nuts and blue cheese.

    1. If it were me, I would throw it away since I can't stand it, but I'm certain some other chowhounders have an excellent cream of celery soup recipe or something.

      1. I chop it & put in the dehydrator. Dried bits are great to toss in soups later.

        1. Thinly sliced celery, carrots and radishes (as thin as you can, if you have a mandoline even better). Dress with a citrus vinegarette (orange and lemon/lime is a good combo).
          Add some chopped scallion if you like onions.

          1. This recipe for deep fried celery from Mario Batali is a bit of work but pays off especially if you make a large batch. What you make it for? That's your call. http://www.foodnetwork.com/food/recip...

            1. If you like blue cheese dressing, dip celery stalks in it for snacks or fill in the crevice with gorgonzola and eat it that way. Peanut butter and celery for the kids is good -- you could dish some off on them. Blanching might be an option, then freezing it for soups and possible uses in a mirepoix. I worked a food pantry at one time and I remember handing a woman a bag with three huge bunches of celery in it because we had run short on everything else. I hope she liked celery ... I'm sure *she* had some good ideas after that experience.

              1. Stir fried celery is suprisingly good. I also use it as a base for roast chicken, instead of a rack.

                1. celery risotto is great!

                  1. Enjoy celery sticks with hummus...very low cal and nutritious way to eat hummus!

                    1. Celery soup is delicious - either hot or cold.

                      1. well, there is that Celery Salad recipe that is floating around here -- it's good.
                        also, I chop it and freeze the chop to toss into a quick dinner. not as good as fresh, but better than none when I'm in a rush.

                        1. Definitely celery soup. Saute with chopped onions or leeks. Once softened, add chicken or veggie stock, white wine and some milk, salt, pepper. After about 10 minutes or so, blend. Stir in some creme fraiche if you have it.

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                              Cream of Celery Soup is great; so is a Celery Soup made in the same fashion as Gordon Ramsay's Broccoli Soup... Boil celery with a little salt and pepper in water until incredibly soft and mushy. Add celery to a blender and add as much of the cooking water as necessary to achieve the consistency of your liking. Season with salt and pepper as needed, and you can add parmesan if desired.

                              I also love steamed celery very well done til almost browned. Roasted and broiled celery also rocks my world a little bit.

                            2. We were amazed by the very simple celery vinaigrette salad from last Dec. Saveur. It was a delightful crunchy salad that used both the thinly sliced celery and the leaves chopped and a very light vinaigrette.

                              Keep it well wrapped in a plastic bag and it will keep for a couple of weeks.

                              1. First, celery keeps for quite a while if wrapped in aluminum foil and kept cold. I always seem to want it when I don't have any, but other times have a bunch for weeks without using it. It is good in stir fries, as a flavor base for soups, stocks, stews and sauces. Also I like it simply braised in a bit if chix stock.

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                                  Hoosierland beat me to it. It will keep for weeks wrapped in aluminum foil in the fridge. I usually cut the root end off, wash and dry the ribs welll, cut in half if necessary, and pack up. Then when you need a bit, just slice lenghthwise through the ribs, cross-cut into dice or chunks, re-wrap with the foil. Sometimes the very tips will need to be trimmed, but I'm amazed at how well it survives.

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                                    Thank you Hoosierland and nemo for that great tip on preserving celery. I always kept mine in that breathable bag it comes in.
                                    Hey, I thought it had to breathe! I guess it prefers armor to really survive.

                                2. I think you schould ponder this question over a few Bloody Marys :)
                                  Brian the Foodude :)

                                  1. I agree - Caesars all around!
                                    Clamato, tabasco, lime, worcester, salt and pepper to taste!
                                    Oh and vodka. Lots and lots of vodka.
                                    Have a caesar squared luncheon - caesar salad and caesars.
                                    (Might be a Canadian thing)