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Aug 20, 2007 10:51 AM

Grocery Shopping in Baltimore

Hey all,

Foodie moving from Portland, Oregon to Canton-Baltimore in the upcoming months. Lookins for suggestions on grocery shopping. I saw there is a Safeway but where do Balmer folk shop for quality chicken, fish and meat (besides Whole in the pocket)?

Also, out here we have a store called Winco - which is a discount grocery and great for canned goods and standard cupboard groceries. Is Giant the equivalent? Any help is appreciated.


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  1. I'd say you want Shoppers Food Warehouse for discount groceries. Sorry to say, but Safeway and Giant are both pretty high-priced, and neither is all that high in quality, in my opinion. I never lived in the Canton area, so maybe others have hidden gems to share.

    1. 1. Hit up the Sunday farmers market at Gay and Saratoga Streets. It's on thru december until noon on Sundays.

      2. If you have a car, go to wegmans. And go on a weeknight if you can to avoid the families who use it as some sort of entertaining day out instead of a place people go to run errands. Wegmans is in Hunt Valley, roughly 20 minutes from Baltimore and worth the drive, IMO.

      Giant and Safeway are terrible...and it's likely that shopping at Whole Foods will be less expensive (i know it is for me).

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        I despise Safeway and any store similar - Albertsons and so forth. Thanks for the tips!

      2. Try H-Mart (Asian supermarket)
        800 North Rolling Rd.
        Catonsville, MD 21228
        Fresh, inexpensive produce, meat, and seafood.

        The Sunday farmer's market mentioned in previous post is also a good option. However, I think they only operate certain months of the year (not in winter). There is also a farmer's market in Charles Village on Saturday mornings (on 33rd St.).

        Giant and Safeway are two competing supermarkets in the area. The Safeway in Canton is fairly new. Their produce and meats are slightly overpriced and quality sometimes can be unpredictable.

        Shoppers is another supermarket chain in the area. It's cheaper than Giant and Safeway.

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        1. re: poisontea

          You beat me to the punch on H-Mart! (aka. Han Ah Reum). I live in Canton as well, and I try to make a trip every Monday, today included. The easiest way is to head north on Broadway, away from Fells Point, then make a left on Orleans St; this will turn into Rt. 40, just follow it for about 20 min. until you see a strip mall on the left with H-Mart, Wachovia and Baskin Robins. It will be right after the Walmart.

          They just renovated their seafood counter, so it's very clean and welcoming. The fish are even marked Wild or Farm Raised, and they always have specials on everything from seafood to chicken broth. The fruit and produce are fresh and diverse, and the meat is good too, since they have such rapid turnover; there are ALWAYS people here, unlike more mainstream grocery stores. Don't be alarmed by the lack of Perdue, most times I prefer their chicken and salmon to even Whole Foods (blasphemous, I know).

          When you're all checked out, you can drive across the street to Giant for your more Western staples, like juice and bread. Just to give you an idea of how much $$ I save, I'll typically spend an equal amount at both places - only H-Mart feeds me for 7 days, and my Giant basket only has juice, pasta, and bagels.

          Avoid Safeway, they always run out of bananas and salad mix. Especially when you're trying to have breakfast, or dinner. (Oh and welcome to the neighborhood!!)

          1. re: pattiat600block

            Went to H-Mart on Friday, and I am hooked!!! What a clean environment...I think I saw 4 types of eggplant! Also, baby bok choy for 79-cents a pound...unheard of! I also bought some sliced skirt steak that was totally delicious in a stir fry, and some frozen clam meat that I will use in a white clam sauce. Wish they would build one in the Parkville area!!!! Can't wait to go back!

        2. Welcome to the neighbourhood!
          I live in the area, and have to admit that i shop @ a mulitude of places to get good quality and prices (pretty sure this is all negated by gas money, but then, I do try and bike to a lot of it).
          For produce, yes, go to the various farmers markets around, the one under 83 on Sundays is open thru Dec 31st or the last weekend of Dec. The one in Waverly (10-15min drive, at worst) is open year round. And there are plenty of farm stands close by in the county you can check the boards and ask. Depending on where you work there may be better grocery stores near there.
          The new Shoppers food on Eastern Ave and Kane street has a (surprisingly) good selection of produce esp for ethnic staples and is much cheaper than Safeway. I tend to stay away from there meat and fish as in the past it hasn't been too great. They do carry organic brands such as Amys, Horizon Dairy, Annie's etc...they cater to the large latino population in the area and so tend to have quite a lot of produce and latino brand favourites.
          There's a good Italian Deli in Highlandtown (D'Pasquales) on Gough Street that has good Italian meats, cheeses, wine and beer. And there are the usual smatterings of other ethnic food stores around - Greek, Asian etc...
          The Asian superstores on Route 40 (20mins drive) in Ellicott City are good places to go for produce too, but of course it's all imported, but it's cheap and diverse.
          I find the meat and seafood from Safeway suffices and i live within walking distance of there so that's where I tend to end up buying from, unless I can afford WFoods that week or am near the Cross Street markets (although, for meat i have to say, i've not found them THAT much cheaper).
          Hope this helps!

          1. IMHO, you can get whatever you want at the Wegman's in Hunt Valley (if you want to take the ride out past the state fairgrounds).