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Aug 20, 2007 10:30 AM

Jersey Tomatos - on line or by mail order [Moved from Mid-Atlantic board]

Does anyone know where I can purchase on line or have them shipped to me. I did last year via eBay, but no listing today. Thanks.

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  1. try johnson's farm. They don't mention it on their Web site, but they used to have crates displayed at the store and a notice about "shipping your loved ones jersey tomatoes and corn"

    Phone number is at:

    And if they can help you with that, ask for a pie, or apple bread, or one of the other goodies from their bakery. Soooo good! Even the low fat/no sugar added stuff.

    1. Try Delicious Orchards "No Summer Meal Is Complete Without
      New Jersey Sweet Corn and Tomatoes"


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        yum! there apple cider donuts are my favorite!

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          Wow, $3.55 per piece for that box. They better come perfect for that amount of money.