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Aug 20, 2007 10:08 AM

Wellfleet Report

Unfortunately, not a lot of good to report regarding dining/food but here goes:

Beachcomber: Fried Scallops, french fries and cole slaw; Scallops were very fresh, large and about 6-7 to the order; french fries, typical frozen variety; cole slaw very tasty;

BookStore Restaurant: long wait, average food; I got Baked Assorted Seafood (Scallops, Shrimp and Scrod with crumb topping); fresh but very little crumb topping; not memorable; 2 others got Sole with seafood stuffing and Shrimp with seafood stuffing (same seafood stuffing on each), very ordinary stuffing; 1 other got Shrimp Scampi on linguini, he said it was good but it didn't look too appetizing when he finished there was about an inch of oil/butter left on the bottom of the plate; appetizers: fried calamari (I liked this but although I like calamari it's becoming sort of like Chinese tastes the same everywhere) and crabcakes...just ok, too much breading;

Finely JP's: After reading sparkling reviews everywhere, Boston Globe, Chowhound, Zagat, etc, exected something special; 3 of the 4 diners were extremely disappointed; the one good thing I will say is that for the Cape, it is reasonably priced; we started out with a bread basket of warm french bread that was the equivalent of frozen Pepperidge Farm bread thrown in the oven; we split an appetizer called Oysters Bienville (baked oysters with garlic, mushrooms, wine, cream, parmesan cheese), this was tasty but nothing exceptional; two people got salads and proclaimed them ordinary; I got Grilled Scallops linguini with mushrooms and cream and my wife got Sauteed Shrimp cappellini with tomato and garlic; the sauces on each were very unmemorable and average, my wife's was particularly bland and watery (like when you don't drain your pasta too well before setting it on a plate); my friend got the "Special" Shrimp Ravioli, also said it wasn't very good and 2 ravioli's had no shrimp in them and when he complained on the way out the door, he was told by the bartender that the restaurant did not make the ravioli's only the sauce that they came in; my friend's girlfriend did like her linguini in red clam sauce; in addition to the average food, the service was extremely slow and when the waitress asked how the meal was, we did tell her that it wasn't very good but no one (mgr) responded at all.

Land Ho (Orleans): Wife and I split bowl of chowder and fish and chips; Excellent chowder (clam) and fish and chips were reasonable at $12.95 and appeared to be scrod, very good, not to big an order, though; fries, long and thin like McDonalds but were very good though luke warm.

Sam Cooks: New mostly take-out cafe in the plaza next to the new WHAT theatre; the lattes were good (it was real hard finding anyone who made lattes in Wellfleet); the croissants and cinnamon buns were also excellent. We did pick up a couple of take-out, prepared meals from their refrigerated section and these were not great (Stir fry Scallops and Stir Fry Pork). People who work there are very nice and friendly and I would have liked to try their prepared salads or their shish kebab roll ups but never did;

Friendly Fisherman: Highlight of the meals! Lobster Roll was outstanding; very large, no filler, barely a hint of mayo, excellent; fries, the frozen variety.

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  1. Thanks for this post----we're heading to Wellfleet (and hope to never return, though I think we'll return in about a week) soon, and will definitely try the Friendly Fisherman, based on your comments and others I've read here in recent months. Will also skip the Bookstore for the same reasons.

    Last time in Orleans (for one day, over Memorial Day weekend, on the way to Wellfleet), we ate at Coast, right across from Land Ho. I wanted to go to Land Ho, but was Overruled by my husband. I KNEW I should have insisted, as I've heard Land Ho is really good and Coast was just okay.

    I must add Moby Dick's (right on rt. 6 in Wellfleet, just as you start heading more to Truro) to the good list. Found it last summer, completely by accident (were staying in a house right near the Beachcomber---nothing else to eat out there, and needed to feed the kids) and just needed something quick and close for us due to two hungry kids. Ate there one or two more times during that trip----I just love it there on so many levels---but most importantly, the food is great.

    We really like the Beachcomber and the food is not bad at all, especially if you like raw bar stuff----but we'd rarely go there just to eat----we're usually there on a Sunday at around 5pm, eating while waiting for the Casuals to get going.

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      If you don't mind driving back to Orleans, try the Binnacle. The atmosphere is kind of funky, an old soda fountain bar with upholstered covered metal stools for the bar and the tables have an eclectic mix of chairs. Pizza is good and the mussels are great, but save room for dessert. My favorite, a crispy meringue, topped with coffee ice cream, praline sauce and slivered almonds

    2. Wicked Oyster is a great restaurant, and I love the food there. Reservations are probably a must this time of year. My favorite item on the menu: Without a doubt, their Oyster Stew. (Wellfleet oysters, of course!) I've only gone there off-season (October and thereabouts) so others can tell you what it might be like this time of the year.

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        Have wanted to go there very much over the years but just haven't gotten there. Is bringing kids (early dinner) feasible?

        1. re: Moonpie1

          Even early they might have a wait. Reservations are the way to go. I have had great experiences this summer at the Wicked for dinner, the Lighthouse for breakfast, and Mac's Shack for sushi.