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Aug 20, 2007 09:49 AM

TONIGHT - Birthday dinner ideas for a really special person.

Anyone have an idea where I can take my best girlfriend for her birthday tonight? It's her 30something birthday (she would kill me if I told), and a foodie. She is a really good cook, so I'm hoping to take her somewhere she can get something special that she doesn't get to eat or prepare herself frequently. Chinese, Indian, American, Seafood, Steaks.. she likes everything and price is no object, however, she is more of a jeans and high heels kind of woman. We will be around the Addison area but are ok with traveling up to 20 min to get a nice meal. Your recommendations are soooo appreciated.


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  1. Depends on what you are looking for. Taste wise for seafood Nates is always a good choice, but not dressy.

    Chamberlains is always a good choices or Three forks, but speaking as somebody who cooks, I am always a little irritated at paying $$$$ for something that I can prepare myself. I personally like to go to places that prepare things that I normally would not due to mass number of ingredients or complexity.

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      Nates is good, but not sure if it's special enough.
      Chamberlains is my favorite steak house and right across the street, but I was thinking something more along the lines of Hibiscus, or ....?

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        I've never been to Hibiscus... but Lola and Stephen Pyles are worth considering. Maybe the Tasting Room at Lola, if you want to have a really incredible meal (and if you can get a table at this late hour). I thought that the ceviche at Pyles was fantastic. Bijoux is another place that I've heard great things about, but have never been.

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          I'd see if York Street is open/available. Not quite as stuffy as some of the other fancy places, but very friendly and often has some unusual options.

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            Had dinner at Hibiscus on saturday. Excellent food, service. Lively atmosphere. Sounds like a good match for what you were describing. Jeans will fit in perfectly.

        2. If she likes seafood, she might like Truluck's in Addison for stone crab claws. On Monday nights they have an all you can eat special of them.

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            Not sure, but don't think cracking claws is how she wants to spend her bday dinner. They do have other seafood, but aren't there other places nearby with better offerings?

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              Here's an out of box idea if you're not set on spending a lot of $$$: Zorba's for BYOB Greek (Plano Pkwy @ Preston). The atmosphere is fun for groups and unless she cooks at lot of Greek at home, it'll be something different. Plus BYO wine is always such a plus for foodies.

          2. Sushi Sake or Lavendou Bistro

            1. We ended up at Tradicion on Lemmon. Loved it! The ginger margaritas were so yummy and very strong. Even tho it wasn't opened at the time, the ceviche bar at the back looked like a lot of fun and great use of the previous restaurants sushi bar. Speaking of ceviche, we had the Traditional and it was so fresh and delicious, this combined with their guacamole folded between one of the homemade corn tortillas was a very satisfying starter. The brisket de sopas was also very good.