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Moving to Lower East Side (Clinton & Grand St)

Looking for delivery/take-out ideas of all types. I'm particularly excited about my proximity to Chinatown but can't wait to build a list of quality delivery ideas. Thanks in advance for your suggestions and thoughts. I know this is a fairly open ended posting but the more ideas the merrier! Thanks again-

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        I'm curious - what makes it so fabulous?

        1. re: tamasha

          It's made in a brick oven and the crust is light and blistered and elastic and all the things you want for a neapolitan pie. The toppings are good Italian ingredients like San Daniele prosciutto and buffalo mozzarella.


          For sushi, I order from Jin on Grand and Broome. It's not fabulous but it's pretty good. As far as Chinese goes, I call the Grand Sichuan on St. Mark's every so often to see if I can trick them into going below Houston, but to no avail yet. I feel like a lot of the Chinese restaurants in Chinatown don't deliver, but maybe I'm wrong?

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            when i moved to the les, i was surprised at how many places did deliver as long as you were at or below delancey. it's pretty much a matter of wandering around and getting menus.

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          I don't think it fabulous. I have tried it twice and both times was not impressed. The pizza toppings were very chinzy.

      2. Recommended: Katz's (duh). Nicky's Vietnamese Sandwiches on A and 2nd st and Saigon Bahn Mi on Mott and Broome for slightly cheaper with less ambiance. Also I've heard good things about Crif Dogs on this board, though they seemed kinda like jerks when I went in once.

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          Most of those places will NOT deliver to Clinton/Grand, btw.

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            I didn't know katz's delivers to Grand street. nice to know. Its funny after all these years their products are still pretty good.

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              The delivery minimum is something outrageous and mostly pertains to catering orders

          2. If you visit SeamlessWeb.com or Delivery.com, you'll get a list of 20 or so restaurants that deliver to you. Of those, I've had decent food from Golden Flower, Urban Lobster, Buddha Bodai, Bagus Malaysian, Two Boots & Koo Sushi. Other good local places that deliver are Jin (as mentioned, and it's good, but expensive), LES Sushi, Congee Village (my favorite), Goodies (my second favorite), Thai on Clinton, Jeeb & El Maguey y La Tuna (but not on Sunday. or Monday. or if they're too busy).

            I would not recommend ordering in from Isabella's. The pizza is fine - I would definitely not go all the way to fabulous - but it doesn't travel well. Katz's delivers, but they have a $50 minimum or something equally outrageous.

            If you're in the coops, haunt the mailboxes: there are lots of menus lying around. Beware Empire Szechuan, which is a good rule of thumb wherever you live.

            1. Tiengarden has good Asian-style vegan food, not as authentic as Chinatown but good if you're feeling like healthy takeout.

              Tiny's Giant Sandwich Shop is great, and L.E.S. Sandwicherie also has good sammys.

              People mentioned Jin for sushi. I also really like Sachiko's, though I've only eaten in, never delivery.

              1. I live on the lower eastside - not many places that deliver - Ronalds on Orchard street does and their food is pretty good. I would just walk around the area so many good restaurants have opened and probably some do deliver. Also, chinese place on grand next to flower cafe delivers and the chinese place next to fine fare delivers.

                1. San Loco has decent fast fresh Mexican- and the Stanton St. location delivers until 4 am on weekends!

                  1. Mole on Allen for great tacos. I get my sushi from this place called Friend House on 8(??) and Ave B. The fish is always so fresh and never fishy -- love their tri color sashimi dinner: huge huge chunks of salmon, hamachi and tuna with seaweed salad. Tiny's as someone mentioned for excellent and cheap sandwiches. Congee Village for Chinese - love their salty spicy crab. Haveli on 2nd ave for great Indian food. Pho Grand for Pho and awesome spring rolls wrapped with lettuce. Village Mingala on 7th street for Burmese (burmese food is like a combo of chinese and indian). As for pizza or pasta have to agree with a previous posters, those things don't travel well??

                    I believe all that i listed should deliver to you as I'm on Orchard and Rivington.

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                      friend house is actually on 3rd ave and 13th st, but their delivery area is huge and they should go to clinton and grand. i've never tried their sushi, but their chinese menu is basic americanized selections made with ingredients a cut above storefront takeout jointst.

                      i love congee village, but i find them really unreliable for delivery.

                      for vietnamese, nam son delivers to the les (and i like them quite a bit) and if you'd like excellent malaysian food, then call skyway (on allen below canal). really fantastic place - you can do a search to find recommended dishes.

                    2. i recommend: brown (hester between essex/ludlow), dash dogs (rivington/norfolk), schillers (rivington/norfolk) two boots (grand/norfolk), falai cafe (not the restaurant - it's on the SW corner of rivington/clinton), el castillo de jaguar (sp? two locations - one on rivington, the other on grand - far east, near hillman/amalgamated co ops). paradou, the LES offshoot of the meatpacking restaurant in the essex street market (delancy/essex) is also good. shopsins and saxelby's cheese are in the same complex. they might be good take out options as well. welcome to the neighborhood - i'm in seward park too!