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Aug 20, 2007 09:11 AM

Parisian Macaroons

We'll be in Chicago early September. Is there a place near the Talbot Hotel that sells Parisian Macaroons like the ones pictured below?

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  1. I have been on a search for good ones for years. Sarah's Candies sells them but they will be nothing like you remember from places like La Duree or Pierre Hermes in Paris. Still, I find it is better than nothing! Sarah's Candies is at 70 E Oak St.

    They typically only have 1 flavor. Honestly, there are other places people will recommend, but none worth travelling for. None will taste like Paris so just pick up 1 at Sarah's and it might be just a slight reminder of Paris.

    Oh, call in advance since they may not make them every day.

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      Thank you! Any recomendations for small, local restaurants we should try near the Talbot as well?

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        There are literally hundreds of restaurants within a short walk of the Talbot. What kind of food are you interested in?

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          Love healthy, local fare. We lean toward Gluten Free and I looked at the recent posting about that.

    2. First, to describe what they are - I've only heard them called "French macaroons" and they're two thin, almond-paste macaroons (NO coconut) sandwiched around a thin layer of buttercream. And they are heavenly. Ideally - to my taste, anyway - they have a strong almond flavor (sometimes the almond flavor isn't as strong).

      The Talbot is at 20 E Delaware Place. I know of four places in the Chicago area that sell them. Starting with the closest, and moving away from there:

      1. You can special order them from Fox and Obel, our well-known gourmet grocer, roughly 3/4 mile from the Talbot:

      Fox & Obel
      401 E. Illinois
      312-379-0108 (Bakery Direct #)

      2. About three miles away:

      Vanille Patisserie
      2229 N Clybourn Ave
      Chicago, IL 60614
      (773) 868-4574

      Vanille's are tiny, but very good. Just eat more. ;)

      3. Fourteen miles north:

      1000 Davis
      Evanston, IL 60201
      847 328 9434

      I'm not that fond of the ones at Bennison's; they don't have that strong almond taste I prefer.

      4. 25 miles north:

      Gourmet Frog in Highwood is the carry-out adjunct of Froggy's French restaurant.

      Gourmet Frog Bakery & Gift Shop
      316 Green Bay Rd.
      Highwood 60040-1338

      All of the above except Fox and Obel carry them in multiple flavors (flavor, e.g. chocolate, raspberry, etc. added in addition to the almond paste base). IMHO, the ones at all of these places, with the exception of Bennison's, are wonderful.

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        Very thorough - thank you! That Fox-Obel looks really good as did Vanille Patisserie. My guy and I are really looking forward to this trip.

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          Do you happen to know if the French Pastry school sells their baked goods? I went to an event that was catered by them and had the closest experience to Paris, they were dead on.