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Aug 20, 2007 08:53 AM

taking my parents out for their 40th anniversary

I'm going to be in Chicago next weekend, and my sister and I would like to take our parents out for their 40th anniversary. We want to take them somewhere special and memorable, but their style is pretty casual and off-beat - they're happier in a funky deli than a swanky white-tablecloth dining room. Their palates are pretty traditional: American and European is good. They love "discovering" places with local flavor.

Any suggestions?

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  1. There is a solid and somewhat casual steak place on the north side called Cordis Bros. Supper Club (on Irving Park west of Ashland; take a cab from downtown, a half-mile west of Wrigley Field). The steaks are very good, and the atmosphere is intentionally retro. Food overall is very mainstream. Reasonable wine list. It is not like the crowded and expensive steak houses downtown.

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      I have been there. I thought the steaks were just OK, and the overall experience just wasn't worth it. I was so excited about this place, and took my father there thinking he would be pleased. We were bored with the place.

    2. Where (city neighborhood or suburban town) are they located?

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        Sorry - should have mentioned. We're from out of town, and we'll be happy to go anywhere in the city (or close-in suburbs) for a meal.

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          West Town Tavern might be a nice choice -- a neighborhood restaurant with very good food, mostly American dishes.

          West Town Tavern
          1329 W Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 60642

      2. It's hard to reconcile "somewhere special and memorable", on the one hand, with "pretty casual and off-beat" / "funky deli", on the other.

        If I were to recommend a place for a 40th anniversary, it would have to be a "white tablecloth" kind of place - not necessarily super fancy or super expensive, but at least in the "casual fine dining" category, rather than a place that doesn't have that "special" vibe. Given what you have stated, I would suggest a nice place but with a bit of a laid-back flavor, somewhat off the beaten path - either Sweets and Savories at the west end of Lincoln Park, or Lula off Logan Square.

        1. We are taking my parents to Joe's Steak and Seafood for their 50th in October.

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            great choice, especially if you are going after October 15 when the stone crab is back in season, and you can get freshly flown in claws instead of frozen.

            Joes Steak & Seafood is one of my favorites in the city.