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Aug 20, 2007 08:29 AM

Accademia di Vino

I tried Accademia di Vino, new place on 64th and 3rd this weekend. We couldn't get a table and instead ate at the bar. Despite the slight annoyance about the table situation, I thought it was pretty good. I liked the grilled pizza with mushrooms and the pasta cacio e pepe was delicious. The bar was a little understaffed considering they were serving dinner there, but all in all a decent experience and good addition to the neighborhood. Anyone else try it and have thoughts on other dishes?

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  1. I stopped by with a friend for drinks and a snack. I agree about the bar's being understaffed. We had cheese (tiny dessert serving) and various salumi (more normal portion) and wine, so no cooking was involved. So, either the kitchen was slow or the service was. The wines by the glass were priced primarily in the $9-14 range and there were some interesting selections. It is a good addition to the neighborhood but by no means a must.

    1. I was planning to eat at Accademia di Vino yesterday (Tuesday Aug 21). I spent about an hour at the bar waiting for a friend to arrive. When they arrived (about 8:30) we asked to be seated. They said it would be about a half hour wait but since I had been at the bar for a while he would call to see if he could get us in now. After he said we still had to wait a half hour we went elsewhere (and had an excellent meal at L'absinthe on East 67 st). My take based on watching the traffic in the restaurant while I was in the bar was that they were not full in the restaurant and it was their way of creating "artificial buzz". The bar was crowded, lively and very nice. Several people were eating at the bar.