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Aug 20, 2007 08:27 AM

Richmond: Midlothian?

Will be in Midlothian area for work- any recommendations in that area for dinner? And, if we only get into town one evening, what are best bets? It seems a number of the most popular places don't take reservations, i.e., recommendations are to be there by 6. Thanks

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  1. There is a Ruth's Chris is Chesterfield (nearby).

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    1. re: monavano

      Actually RC is in Midlothian. Flemings is near Midlothian and better than Ruth's Chris IMO. Rosemary, what kind of food are you looking for and how far are you willing to drive?

      1. re: monavano

        thanks. RC not an interest. Is Flemings a local steakhouse or? We like all kinds if really good food -- quality better than type. Work is until 5 ish, so wherever we drive needs to leave after that....didn't seem we'd even make it into Richmond by then.

      2. If you're not interested in a chain, try Crab Louie's, a wonderful seafood place in a 100+ year-old house in Midlothian. It's definitely unique.

        This site has some information and reviews:

        1. IMHO Crab Louies isn't all that hot! If your going chain I would much rather have Bonefish Grill in Midlothian on Hull St. or even Bookbinders (Midlothian or Museum District)
          If you are willing to drive to downtown Richmond you will have many more options CanCan quite good and popular with a great atmosphere. (careytown)
          Europa (I had one great meal and one decent meal)
          Davis and Main (simple and good)

          I would skip Tobacco Co. (not worth the money)
          Flemings Brio are good options both in Stony Point
          One of the best meals I had while living in the are was at Buckheads (its a bit pricey)

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          1. re: sweetnspicy

            I think Dogwood Grill is the most overrated restaurant in Richmond. If the poster is going to Carytown, go to Karsen's rather than CanCan IMO. Bookbinders downtown is better than the one in Midlothian. I agree with you in regard to Crab Louies. Also if you are interested in sushi, Osaka just over the Huguenot Bridge has very good sushi.

            1. re: Janet from Richmond

              This is really helpful--thanks!! What's the Boathouse? Caliente? Any ethnic or regional cuisine around you would recommend? Flemings sounds good -- is Bonefish Grill the recommended seafood place?

              1. re: rosemary1008

                Bonefish Grill is a chain (same corporate ownership at Outback and Flemings). I would avoid the Boathouse and Caliente. Another place to consider (if you can venture downtown) is Comfort if you are looking for some Southern fare. Karsen's (while not a seafood restaurant) has very good seafood.

                1. re: rosemary1008

                  For Ethnic: in Woodlake Commons (Midlothian) there is a spanish restaurant called Emilios they have a lot of tapas choices they also have another location in downtown Richmond. I prefer the Woodlake one better.
                  The Boathouse is great to go have drinks outside and watch the sunset! Food I would pass on! (although I know ownership changed and I haven't eaten there since)
                  My opinion is Bonefish has some great seafood. My favorite item there is the Chilean Sea Bass with their Asian Sauce
                  I haven't been to Dogwood Grill in a while so it might be best to listen to some of the other CH's on that one.

                  1. re: sweetnspicy

                    I tend to be the dissenting vote when it comes to Dogwood. Other Hounds love it but the two worst meals I've ever had in Richmond (at any price point) have been at Dogwood.

            2. Where in Midlothian? It's expanding so depending on where you are the boathouse may be as far as going into downtown or hopping on the 288 to get to the west end.

              The true feel for Richmond is best in downtown/shockoe area and there are some good restaurants there but also some bad ones. I have thought can can was overpriced but nice atmosphere, davis & main was dreadful and would rate my experiences at hard shell, white dog, 3 monkeys, and sine as nothing special (sine worst in this group). sam millers was good (i had lower expectations by this point though). europa was really pretty good but not wouldn't be amazing in another city. (sorry richmond!) best meal i've had here at an upscale place was at patina grill in the west end - less feel for the fun side of the city definitely but really not far up the 288.

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              1. re: AMFM

                Another place I just thought of for a nice meal just off 288 (Patterson Road West Exit) would be Chez Max. And it's funny how experiences vary...Dh and I went to Patina last summer and were very disappointed. The best meal I've had in a long time in Richmond has been the two meals I've had at Karsen's in recent months. At a lower price point, I'd give kuddos to Comfort.

                1. re: Janet from Richmond

                  I'd love to go to Karsen's and Comfort so not knocking it at all. Just haven't been. Know folks who love Chez Max. You're right they are close off the 288 but they were closed last time I tried to go so I haven't been yet but will eventually get there. Bummer about Patina. I'm certain reading the menu things could miss. And there are places I should probably try again that have missed for me in Richmond but I certainly ordered well when I was there! :)

                  1. re: AMFM

                    Dear All-
                    Thank you for your helpful advice! We went to Karsens' last night and were delighted...we sat on the patio, spoke with one of the owners who was hosting, and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. The menu was creative sounding without cliches ( bonus points) --my partner ordered the porcini crusted ahi over wasabi mashed potatoes and a merlot reduction sauce under all. I had the scallop/chorizo/ broccoli rape "stew" wth gnocchi accents --my word, not theirs. It had multiple layered flavors and I appreciated them all! thank you all again! off for night 2.

                    1. re: rosemary1008

                      Glad you liked Karsens'. Hope tonight's great too and that you get a great feel for Richmond while you're here. I like it quite a bit so far even if I haven't found the food scene amazing!

                      1. re: AMFM

                        Tonight we went to Bacchus--and were again very satisfied. We chose a pasta (rigatoni on bed of tomato & spinach ) and a tuna crusted with sesame seeds & soy on mashed potatoes. Service was lovely and professional and the place was becoming more lively as we left at 8:35. Carytown seems the place to be for food. You all proved to be fantastic companions on this trip--thanks again!