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Aug 20, 2007 08:03 AM

Garde Manger :-(

I had been warned about the quality (lack of) and service (amateur) but decided to venture out with 5 friends last Friday night. The 'scene' that everyone raves about surprised me - although it's a nice location and intimate, the music and people were generic at best.

But on to the food :-)

Oddly, all of the entrees were fish-related, save for one salad ... I had the crab cakes which were fried (yuck) in old oil, totally overpowering the taste crab...Main was poached halibut with a pesto and vegetables - fish was slightly overcooked and way too much salt all over...very disappointing.

Others at the table had scallops (satisfied) and the 'faux filet' - which went untouched it was so tough.

The wine list is ok - and the service was fine, despite the waiter trying to sell us another bottle twice(!) before we were even through a first glass :-) also, when she took the plates she didn't even comment on the fact a bulk of food was uneaten - a sure sigh of inexperience and lack of confidence. Ahhh, youth.

so for approx $90 / head - this was a mistake and I will listen to my wise friends before curiosity gets the better of me again :-)

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  1. Wow, that is a bad experience. We were there a few weeks ago and found it to be a great dinner out---not spectacular food, but good. Not great service, but a nice vibe to the place. We had the crab cakes too and had the same sentiment as you---too much oil/old oil, whatever the problem, they were bad, but the rest of our meal was very good. We ate all appetizers, so we enjoyed the clams casino(excellent), a thai inspired scallop dish, and another fish app that escapes me but I remember it being lovely. The crab cakes were the only let down.

    Why didn't you send some food back? Having worked in many a resto, I can say that restaurants want to know when the food is not enjoyed so they can fix it in an attempt to fix a bad situation like yours that leads to very bad word of mouth like your posting. Obviously your server should have picked up on it, but since she didn't, I would have sent it back and asked the kitchen for something better.

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      I take the liberty of rehashing my review from November: Seafood platter was excellent, but no bargain at $120. Mains were pathetic given the price. Lamb chops with Merguez included one very nice sausage and four thin, greasy and overcooked chops that looked and tasted like supermarket pork chops, on a bed of perfectly cooked but cold and unsalted sugar snap peas in a watery sauce, served on a dollar-store plate. Truly the worst lamb chops I have ever eaten, and inexcusable at $34. Fish with tomatoes and olives was decent but very overpriced, considering that it is the sort of thing I would throw together after work. Dessert was free (due to bad service). Some liked the deep-fried Mars bar, but I found it insipid; batter was very well executed but, uh, it's a Mars bar inside. Wine list very short and all over the map but a relatively good deal (2.2 x SAQ). Go there for great ambience and nice crowd, if you don't mind paying top dollar for mainly mediocre food.