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Aug 20, 2007 07:39 AM

Looking for Cinnamon Rolls

Hi all, where in montreal would you say is the best Cinnamon Rolls ??

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    1. re: silvertint

      I like the cinnamon raisin coffee ring from Montreal Kosher. Their bakery is on Victoria near the corner of Jean-Talon. They have a branch on Van Horne, I believe and the products are sold elsewhere. Thet also make a raisin danish that has a bit of cinnamin in it, but they do not make a cinnamon roll as such.

      1. re: VivreManger

        Never though of them, thanks for the suggestion. What about something in the style of Saint-Cinnamon ???

        1. re: silvertint

          I don't think cinnamon rolls are a big part of Quebecois food culture. I racked my brain and can't think of any good suggestions. Though there is a Saint Cinnamon in the Faubourg (fist floor, near the stair case).

          1. re: silvertint

            There's a cinnabon near bonaventure metro (if you walk towards gare centrale), but I have never found those chains to produce anything worthy of being called a "cinnamon" bun. Sticky bun maybe, sugar bun definitely ... mostly they just seem to be a vehicle for the icing.

            1. re: eoj

              I would say the Cinnabon is more representative of this than Saint Cinnamon (which tends to only add icing on request). However, I am an occasionally very willing consumer at either. The 'Bon if I want ludicrously soft, sweet, melt-in-your-mouth, the Saint for variety (say, chocolate).

      2. Besides the two more evident chains, I like the Apple-Cinnamon brioche at Olive + Gourmando, which is pretty much a cinnamon roll with apples. They also offer a to-die-for variation which replaces the above with banana and dark chocolate. Also, this one is not quite a cinnamon roll, but le Fromentier has a Friday and Sunday offering that's made with apples and cinnamon. This could fit the bill if you don't need the icing.

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        1. re: JQReid

          I have tried the Bannana-Choclate brioche, it was very very good !! But I guess the day I went I did not see the Apple-cinnamon .. I will have to go back another time. I think the icing is what defines the cinnamon roll, but I can go without it :)