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Aug 20, 2007 07:02 AM

Prospector - Please Help - Osaka

Prospector, I have followed most of your posts on Osaka. Could you please narrow down your favorate places for Sushi, Raman, and street food. I could also use a do not miss at any cost rest.

We will be staying at the Nikki Osaka Hotel which is in the Shinsaibashi district.

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  1. hello shoeman.... are you referring to Perceptor?

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    1. re: Perceptor

      I sure am! Sorry about that "Perceptor"

    2. my favs from my Trip...
      1. Sushi Endo for BREAFKAST at the Osaka Central Market
      2. Steak Ron for kobe... heavenly stuff
      3. Go to any Food department floor at any big department store...
      endless parade of food.. we went to the Hanshin department store one
      4. Koyoshi Sushi.. where Anthony Bourdain ate at... just amazing
      5. In the famous Dontoburi street, go the Takoyaki stall with the LONGEST line... it will be obvious and across from that is the Okonomiyaki stall as well....

      hope this helps Shoeman.... my individual Osaka post before has the addresses for these places

      - Perceptor