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Aug 20, 2007 06:22 AM

Weekend chow - Ortanique, Santarpio, Canto 6, Plough & Stars

Ortanique took the blue ribbon from the weekend - we had an enormous plate of jerk chicken - a leg/thigh and breast with perfect seasoning, just enough spice - well-seasoned side of rice with a few beans, a huge pile of lightly braised cabbage and a few fried plantains. All for $8.95 - it was enough to feed two people. Also had their purple sorrel drink that was loaded with ginger - amazing! (I am going to buy this stuff next time I have a cocktail party - would make a great mixer). I really need to patronize this place more often. It was far and away the best chow I had this weekend.

Santarpio's was great as usual - three pies - two combos - five people - no leftovers.

First time to Canto 6 (sorry I could not make the JP chow crawl, but it reminded me to get over there) - Hell for gluttons indeed. An almond croissant that was loaded with almonds and perfectly carmelized bits on the outside. Sugar brioche was also enjoyed, although I just don't "get" brioche.

Plough & Stars - decent cuban sandwich and salad with steak.

Rendezvous - stopped in for a cocktail before the late show at Middle East Upstairs - (O'Death - punk bluegrass...great show). Had the "Chef's Cocktail" - Maison Surenne Cognac. Lemon Juice. Cucumber Water. Ice. - light as a summer breeze - used to drinks with more heft so an interesting change of pace. Wish the cucumber was stronger.

6 lbs of heirloom tomatoes, 3 lbs of plums, 4 lbs of pears/cherries this week from my CSA, so no dining out until they are done. I will be bathing in anti-oxidants.

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  1. Wow, all those tomatoes and fruit from one week's share? Which CSA are you a member of?

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    1. re: desuka

      Waltham Fields, though it's actually all tomato types I was referring to - cherry, pear, plum and well...Large. :0 But yes, we were allowed up to 13 lbs. of tomatoes this week, in addition to other veggies.

    2. Forgot to mention an ESK visit on Friday for lunch - The pressed prime rib sandwich was outstanding - the cod fritters were decent but the insides were still gooey/raw dough on a couple and I thought that was in error (though they still tasted good). Had their variation (I think) of a Ward Eight, which was great. Also a very good Green Point - both had chartreuse...who knew?

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      1. re: Bob Dobalina

        Holy smokes, you ate at all these places in one weekend? You are totally my hero.

        1. re: maillard

          Plough - Thurs. dinner
          Rendez - Thurs. drinks
          ESK - Fri lunch
          Sant. - Fri dinner
          Canto - Sat break
          Ortan - Sat Late lunch -

          Yeah, I guess it was a lot!