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Aug 20, 2007 06:15 AM

Asian grocery near Lambertville/New Hope?

Any hounds out there have a rec for a good Asian grocery in the Lambertville/New Hope/Flemington area? I have been to the one in Plainsboro off Scudders Mill Rd and was not impressed - I thought it wasn't very clean, and the meat section smelled (plus it's a bit far). Thanks!

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  1. Sorry these are not in your area, but there are 2 decent sized ones in the Cherry Hill area if you get down here ever. Asian Market on Route 70 in the Barclay Farm shoping center, and H Mart in Cherry Hill on Route 70. People come from all over on the weekend to go to the H Mart; it's a pretty good sized store with great produce and very inexpensive seafood.
    I've been to the Asian grocery in Plainsboro; not so great!

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      There is also a H Mart in Levittown PA, 30 min from New Hope.

    2. There is a great one on Route 27 in Kendall Park. I live in West Trenton but I make a trip every couple months to load up! It is very large and has fabulous meat and seafood at reasonable prices, and a huge selection. Includes lots of East Indian specialties too. It is very large.