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Feb 3, 2006 11:52 AM

Lunch spots near Powell BART station

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Any one have any suggestions for a decent, small quiet place for lunch near Powell St station? Asian would be cool.

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  1. Not Asian but...Cafe Madeline. From the station (4th St. exit) just go through the Ritz Drugs, up the escalator, out the door and turn right. You should see a little place with a few tables outside. Bingo! You are there. Great pressed sandwiches, salads, pot pie, etc. and tons of sweets. Rumor has it the best hot chocolate but I've never had it.

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      Aha, time for me to correct you today. Rite Aid, not Ritz.

      Quiches are also good, and desserts are yummy. My favorite sandwich is the portobello and cheese.

      The hot chocolate is good IF you like incredibly dense, chocolatey drinks. I do.

      Madeleine can get crowded, and there are only a few seats outside. Quiet near Union Square is near impossible.

      When my co-worker and I need quiet we escape to the top of the shopping center at Nordstrom Cafe. I know, uninspired.

      Siam Thai Restaurant (NOT Siam Thai Noodle House across the street) on Mason is usually very quiet and has decent food. It's on the first floor of the Renaissance Hotel, before the Niko and Hilton if you're coming from Market Street.

      Link: http://www.chezpei.com/2006/01/madele...

      Image: http://www.chezpei.com/uploaded_image...

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        Listen, missy! If you are going to include delicious photos right before lunch in your posts, give a girl a warning! ;) My tummy's growling...

        They have counter seating at Madeline's too but you're right, I forgot about noise. I tend to go at off times.

        Since you know that area so well, what's the name of that Thai place on the same block as Macy's but across the street, I want to say O'Farrell? Or maybe it is one street down, parallel?

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          Is that King of Thai Noodle House? It's at 184 O'Farrell right across the street from H & M. I like this place quite a bit. Here's a link to their menu:

          Link: http://sanfrancisco.menupages.com/res...

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            Location looks about right but the menu doesn't. Huh...

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          I second Siam Thai Restaurant. Ellis at Mason. It seems a little removed from the busy streets, (and is next to the side door into the Parc 55 Renaissance Hotel) but it is a great spot for a quiter lunch. Good service and good Thai food.

          Other Options:
          Kiku of Tokyo in the Hilton Lobby. O'Farrel at Mason. Good Japanese food. I typically get their bento box lunch special. During lunch, instead of closing down some of their rooms they just spread patrons around in all of them. makes for quiet rooms with lots of space between occupied tables.

          King of Thai noodles. O'Farrel at Powell. Good Thai food but is very noisy at lunch. I used to go there all the time, but once got a bad batch of shrimp in my Pad Thai so haven't been in awhile.

          Tian Sing Chinese. Ellis at Cyril Magnim. Good Cantonese food and Dim Sum at lunch. Long skinny dining room spreads out the patrons so it seems quiet. Service very good. Dim Sum is good, but beware of Fushionized or Americanized dishes. (These are probably okay, but I am a serious cantonese critic).

          1. re: tyler k

            Tian Sing is delicious but pricey. As in $18 for lunch per person, not too much food.

      2. for good Indian fare, go to
        Little Delhi
        83 Eddy Street at Mason
        San Francisco, CA 94102
        (India is part of Southeast Asia, right?)