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Favorite lemon drop hard candy that you can find at any store?

My friends and I love lemon drop hard candy. Sweet, tart, and long lasting hard candy. Any favorites at grocery stores, gas stations, drug stores? (Target, Walmart, Walgreen's?)

Friend bought some at Safeway that weren't very good. Too sweet without enough sour to it.

Any help would be great.

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  1. I've been searching for *sour* lemon drop candies for years without luck. :(

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      if you are close to an asian or japanese store, try this candy called "super lemon"

      The bag is kind of light brown on the outside with a kinda roy lichtenstein style artwork on the front. The candy is INCREDIBLY sour on the outside (makes my teeth squeak), but sweet on the inside after you suck off all of the sour stuff. It's awesome

      here's a link to what it looks like http://www.wizzywig.com/xcart/catalog...

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        Super Lemon rocks! I used to torture my tongue with those bitter babies.

    2. Check the 'Where to Find' list here ... this was a very entertaining episode.

      Look ---> http://www.foodnetwork.com/food/show_...

      1. The best I have found are made by "Family Choice" and distributed by Ruckers Wholesale out of Bridgeport, IL. I bought them at Buchheits Store in Sparta, Il. There are several locations in Missouri and Illinois. It is a Country type of store selling everything from kitchen cabinets and building supplies to farm and garden supplies, spices, clothing, etc. They are good and sour, just like the old days. Here is the link to their homepage: http://www.buchheitonline.com

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          Try the vermontcountrystore.com they have lots of old fashioned candies. Also there is http://www.nostalgiccandy.com/ which has lots of good ole fashioned candies from childhood

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            Also sold at all Tractor Supply stores =) I'm from there origially but now in T X

          2. Only brand I know if in my area (NYC Metro) is Lemonheads. I loved those when I was a kid. They are generally available in most stores and supermarkets.

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              Lemonheads are good, but they aren't old fashioned lemon drops.

            2. Cracker Barrel has the best in my opinion. They might not have a location near you but you can order them online.


              1. My favorite tart candy is Altoids sours. I buy the tangerine flavor, but I think they come in lemon or lemon-lime.

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                  i thought flavor was good, but they all stuck together!

                2. Lemonheads! Sweet and sour, and found all over the place. I am not a big fan of the super sours, so this is perfect for me.

                  1. My grandmother used to get these lemon drops that had this ultra sour powder in the middle...does anyone remember these?

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                      Yes, I've even gone so far as to request those drops from the Vermont Country Store. You might try to request them there as well. If we inundate them with requests, maybe they will find them for us.

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                        Lemon Warheads are too weird to be good. Lemon Altoids are good, but do stick together.

                        "lemon drops that had this ultra sour powder" -- now those sound good. Do we need a name to request them?

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                        See below, Napoleons. If Vermont Country Store gets them, let me know! Meantime I'll have to get the 7 lb bag everyone has for sale.

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                          They are called Le Bon bonbon Napoleon. When I was a kid I thought they were the sourest thing in the world, but when I've had them more recently, I thought that they were just very good lemon sours.

                        2. I can't tell you where to find 'em but like them sprinkled over lemon desserts. Using the Cuisinart to turn them almost into a powder then dust lemon meringue pie or lemon chiffon pie or lemon bars just over the top right before eating, adds a whole new layer of lemon.

                          1. I did go into a really weird looking candy store at the Strip in Pittsburgh. I bet they have lemon "something". My husband is the lemon love more than I though I didn't look when I was there.

                            1. These are the ultimate lemon drops, my father used to get them somewhere local when he was alive (NYC?), and my brother recently discovered them on the Internet. Sorry you can't find them at "any store" but you might want to give them a try anyway. My husband ate about 30 of them in the last few days, and I'm going to have to order some myself. They are sort of expensive though....


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                                those look good -- and i'm eyeing the "tangerine" flavor.

                                does anyone still sell "jotz"?

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                                  coll, you are 100% correct, thank you. These are the lemon drops I remember.

                                  At the price I paid -- although they threw in a curious tiny tin of caffeinated peppermint drops - I wouldn't buy these on a regular basis, but I did find the 8 oz. size to try out. I imagine the 7 lb. bag is more economical.*

                                  They are deeelicious.

                                  *ETA: Duh. It's half the price on Amazon. I should have trusted you and gone with the 7 lb. bag!