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Okay, at the risk of getting kicked off the boards for low-brow food, I wanted to share a fun, easy way to regress to childhood. I was at Trader Joe's in Cambridge, MA a couple of weeks ago, and of course the first thing I always do is hit the food demo. I grabbed the hot pasta sample, and with the first bite was immediately became a hungry five-year old at lunchtime.

They had cooked up a bag of their new little circle pasta, analetti, and mixed it with a carton of their creamy organic tomato soup (in the shelf-stable septic packaging) that had been heated. They sprinkled in some of their shaker top cheese (parmesan? I forgot to check) and let it simmer for a while, stirring often since it sticks easily. Voila! Spaghettios without the metallic taste or mush. My adult sons think it is fun comfort food.

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  1. We were a nuts-and-berries kind of family, so when I visited the neighbors for dinner and was served spaghettios, it was the biggest thrill ever. Now I try to get my daughter to eat them -- after all, they're a super treat -- and she turns up her nose. Maybe I'll try your idea so we can both enjoy.

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      "so when I visited the neighbors for dinner and was served spaghettios"

      Explanation please? Curious to hear the story behind that sentence.

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        i'm going to guess when she (or he) was growing up and got to stay at her friends for dinner and eat spaghettios. i loved going to friends - or grandmas - and eating things i wouldn't at home! and i'm sure my kids do too!

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        We are also mostly a nuts-and-berries kind of family, and our kids are now in their late twenties and thirties. It's been a few years since they have had any Franco-American food, and have definitely out-grown the original Spaghettios.

        That's why it was really fun to taste the TJ's pasta and tomato soup. A relatively healthful comfort food, not really mushy pasta, no metallic taste, with the only questionable part being the sodium content, which still beats almost all the fast-food burger/convenience options.

      3. Also nut-and -berries kid, had hot dogs at a friends and, well, had a technicolor yawn. But I bought some of those little pastas and I'm going to try it, I was intrigued by your description. I'll let you know how it turns out....

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          Don't forget to cook the sauce and cooked pasta together for a few minutes, and don't forget the parmesan. Have fun!

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            Having no frame of reference for what spaghettios should taste like, I ventured into the unknown last night! I cooked the O's "al dente", drained them, then poured soup over them and let them simmer for a few minutes. It was actually pretty good! For something prepared so quickly, I can imagine uses for a late supper in the fall when I'm tired and don't want to be gustatorially challenged.

        2. now if there were mini meatballs...
          oh how it grosses me out now but in my youth! :)