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Feb 3, 2006 11:35 AM

Brunch at the Fountain, Fairmont San Jose

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Has anyone been to Sunday Brunch at the Fountain Restaurant in the Fairmont Hotel, San Jose? I've only had breakfast from their regular menu. We will be in downtown San Jose in the morning, so any recommendations in the vicinity are much appreciated!

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    Caitlin McGrath

    I had the buffet Sunday brunch there a few months ago, and it was quite good. Very good fresh-squeezed orange juice, good coffee. They've got seafood of various types (smoked salmon, steamed shrimp, etc.; I think there were some shucked oysters), a bunch of prepare hot dishes, an omelet station and carving, and a dessert table. I skipped the hot dishes except for the blintzes, which were delicious. My companions had good words for the prime rib. The omelet maker knew what she was doing; I chose my fillings, and she made a correctly prepared fluffy French omoelet. The desserts we tried were all excellent. It's good for a spluge or celebration, with the pleasant setting. I believe you can order a la carte, as well. The Mercury News review gives a good description.