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Aug 20, 2007 05:41 AM

Bombay Chutney, Richmond Hill - Anyone been?!

Noticed this new Indian restaurant at the NE corner of Bayview and Major Mackenzie. Went in to grap a take out menu and saw the place was packed ( Sunday evening ). Also, noticed the lady owner of Bombay Bhel standing at the cash counter. Is this a sister operation of Bombay Bhel? How's the food? Anyone?

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  1. Ordered a couple of take-outs today. The Lamb curry was quite good but a bit under-spiced. The Chicken Badami Bahar ( Cubes of chicken cooked in a creamy almond based gravy ), was surprisingly delicious. A nice change to the 'getting boring Butter Chicken'. Though less classy than the nearby India Odessy or The Host, however, I find the food at Bombay Chutney a bit tastier. In fact, the last meal I had at The Host, about a month ago, was quite terrible!!

    1. Went last week and was quite pleased. I also had the lamb curry. It was good but not great. The Lollipop chicken on the the other hand was absolutely delicious! I will definitely go back to try some of the other dishes. I don't know about it being a sister operation of Bombay Bhel but their take-out menu listed another location in Hamilton I think.

      1. This is a sister operation to Bombay Bhel Thornhill (Not to be confused with the Bombay Bhels scattered across the GTA and in BC).

        They have a temporary website which states that there are two locations (Burlington & Richmond Hill)

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          1. Visited Bombay's Chutney in Burlington the other night. Had veg thali and DH had non-veg thali. Both had nice variety of dishes and IMHO were a great deal ($8.50 & 9.50 each!!). The naan was lovely - light and crispy on the edges. The veg thali had 3 dishes - saag paneer, dal and okra & potatoes. All were very well prepared. The non-veg had dal, Lollipop chicken, and lamb curry. All good. Both had naan, rice and kheer for desert. Both came with a dollop of mango pickle & a lovely raita. My only complaint was that I would've liked my dishes a bit hotter (as in spicier). I will ask next time. For $30 for 2 including 2 full meals, a beer and a lassi in a nice, clean (but not particularly intimate) resto with excellent food, you can't beat it. All the dishes were tasty, fresh, and not overly greasy as many Indian restos tend to be.

            Can't wait to go back and try more!

          2. Tried the veg thali last night at the Richmond Hill location. Had a lentil/bean dish, a curry button mushroom dish, spinach with paneer, a tiny bit of mixed pickle, raita, naan, a paapdum, some basmati rice, and some rice pudding.

            Very good food, especially for the price. I especially enjoyed the curry button mushrooms. Service was friendly and attentive without being obtrusive. I would definitely return to try some of their other offerings.