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Aug 20, 2007 04:54 AM

I NEED wings!!! KC

I love hot wings and my favorites are in Lawrence at Jefferson's. J's is definitely worth the drive but sometimes Lawrence is out of the question. Where do you get wings in KC?

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  1. The wings are pretty darn good at Grinders at 18th and Oak in downtown KCMO

    1. Many people rely on any of the Peanut locations.

      1. peanut's wings are amazing..as are grinder's, but I think my all time fav has to be JAZZ wings!

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        1. re: gypsyvice

          We recently tried the Peanut and I had a problem with their wings, they didn't separate the wing at all. It was a mess! Whenever we would try to break them apart the sauce would splatter everywhere. I know, they're wings and they're messy...but it was too much for me.

          Don't worry, I will continue on my qwest and definitely make it to Grinder's and Jazz.

          1. re: amy_rc

            I completely understand. What kind of sauce do you prefer?? When you go to jazz be sure to go during the happy hour...Crazy cheap appetizers.