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Aug 20, 2007 04:28 AM

Visiting for a wedding (Tewksbury, MA and Plaistow, NH)

Labor Day weekend, my family is going to a wedding near Boston. Our hotel is in Tewksbury, MA and the wedding itself is in Plaistow, NH. We will be there August 30th - September 4th. I've never been to either state and would love any suggestions for regional foods or restaurants near either of these locations. I'd prefer to keep the prices reasonable (under $20 for an entree) since we'll be there several days.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Where are you coming from? Is seafood your thrill? What types of food do you love? We have quite a nice melting pot of ethnic choices in this area - asian, portugese, brazilian, italian, french? Or are you looking for great prime rib, haddock, etc. If you want to stay close to area you will be staying, there is a lot in nashua NH and in the Lowell surrounding area (close to Tewksbury).

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      I live in Maryland and am from Florida, so seafood doesn't necessarily excite me. I grew up with very fresh things, some of them straight off the boat.

      I'm looking for stuff that's pretty close to where we are staying. I think we may head into Boston on day, but I'm not sure. I'm traveling with my in-laws and they aren't as adventurous as I am.

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        You should like Good Thymes in Lowell on Gorham St.(excellent service and food, nothing fancy just great value and food),, also a nice bakery in Tewksbury called Mirabella's on Rt. 38. Another good restaurant on the Andover/Tewksbury line is the Chateau (it's just off Rt. 93 on River Rd). they specialize in Italian but they have a little of everything. Lowell has some great places downtown - Ricardo's (Italian) but might be beyond your budget. Southeast Asian (excellent thai, vietnamese, cambodian), La Bonich (french).

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          I would suggest driving a few minutes into Andover center and going to either Glory or Cassis. You can check out their menus: cassis-bistro. com or

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            Thanks for those links, I didn't realize that glory had tapas - I went there years ago when they first opened, it certainly has changed a lot. Although it looks well beyond this posters budget - I'll have to check it out soon.

            1. re: hdb

              i'll second both of these recc's.

      2. There are a lot of chain restaurants in that general area, if that is your cup of tea.

        One of my favorite restaurants in the Plaistow area is The Pond View Restaurant on Rt. 125 in Kingston, NH. You can find entrees under $20 there and they also have a "Lite Menu" with sandwiches and cheaper entrees if you don't want to spend a lot of money.

        My wife and I make it a point to go there for our anniversary. The food is good, the atmosphere is pretty relaxed and romantic.

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          I forgot about that place, haven't been in a while but I remember is being very good. Nice atmosphere too.

        2. Capellini's on Route 38 in Tewksbury is highly recommended - they have a great menu and excellent service.

          Another GREAT Italian place - the Colesseum in Salem, NH (about 15 min. from Tewksbury). Has won nearly every award in the area.

          If you like Thai food, Sweet Basil in on Rt. 28 in Andover (495 N to exit 41 - follow route 28 south to the Market Basket/Marshall's plaza on the right.)

          If you want good seafood - Joe Fish in N. Andover on route 125. Most entrees are below $20, and the food is exceptional.