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Aug 20, 2007 03:03 AM

Shipping Corn on the Cob [Moved from Midwest]

I live in Iowa and want to ship some corn to a friend in Washington State. Probably only a dozen. Any suggestions or experience on the best way to do this??

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  1. I'm thinking you better overnite it. It seems that most "experts" indicate that corn lasts longer once it is removed from the husk and wrapped in plastic. My thought would be to husk it, seal it in a vacuum packed package w/a damp paper towel surround it w/ iced gel paks and get it there the quickest way possible. If yer going to pay the high $$ for shipping anyway, might as well send 2 dozen if you can spare it. Just MHO.

    1. Corn starts converting from sugar to starch the minute it's picked--keep it cool and ship it fast!