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Aug 20, 2007 12:09 AM

First time in Georgia and at the Big Pig Jig - suggestions?

Hi, everyone! I'll be going to the Big Pig Jig for the first time this year. I'm from Los Angeles, but I happen to be visiting friends in Carrollton that weekend, so we'll be driving over to Vienna for the weekend and staying in Cordele. So... a couple of questions - any suggestions for good BBQ or other local food in and around Carrollton? anywhere we should stop on our way to Vienna? Also, can anyone share their experiences with the Big Pig Jig? Do you just go from stand to stand eating BBQ? Are there other events?

Thanks so much for any help you can give me! I'm new to traveling in the south, and I'm SO excited about it!!

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  1. Go on Friday afternoon/evening for a chance to visit teams and look at equipment.

    Teams may have bands and be entertaining their sponsors.

    They will be much to busy on Sat to give you any time.

    The 135 +/- teams won't be selling bbq,so you will need to seek out the assorted vendors.

    There is typically a lot of "carney" type food.

    Beer/drinks will be expensive,but plentiful.

    The town of Vienna will basically offer small gas station/C-store food.

    Cordele, nine miles south,has the assorted interstate fast food places.

    Have fun.


    1. Wow!! I am really jealous. Good for you in taking advantage of this Big Pig Jig. Keep us posted!

      1. The thing to remember about the Big Pig Jig is that it is a BBQ cooking competition, not an eating festival per se. The only time visitors get to sample the competition BBQ is from 12:00 - 2:00 pm on Saturday. Here is a link to the 2007 Schedule of Events:

        I was in the Carrollton area recently and ate at Bilbo’s BBQ in Bremen. It was very good and has more on the menu than BBQ. Bremen is just north of Carrollton.

        On your trip to Vienna, this link gives a lot of good food possibilities:

          1. I was part of a cookteam for the BPJ last year. It was great fun, and a nonstop tailgate party! However, it's not that great for a visitor who isn't part of a team. (went for the first time as a visitor, second time as a cookteam for that reason alone). The teams are not allowed to sell their BBQ, but that first year, we did find a few teams who gave us some samples. Most teams fill their booths with friends, so it's almost like a bunch of private parties everywhere. In the area where you can buy food, there were one or two vendors selling BBQ, but it was very mediocre. Try to make friends and crash some of the parties instead! (If I was entering this year, I'd invite you over!)

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              Hi! Thanks so much for everyone's replies! Hmm... maybe I should think this over then. I had this lovely image in my head of wandering around this massive field stuffing myself on beer and BBQ from all these award-winning smokers at one of the greatest events in the south. But I guess it really is a serious competition and not a big festival. It sounds like maybe it's not the right kind of thing for me if I don't know anyone on a team, huh?

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                Much like Memphis in May, it's really not as fun as when you're not part of a team.

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                  If you have the time, and a car, maybe you could do your own BBQ food tour of the city?
                  The ones I've listed are in and around the Atlanta area:
                  - Swallow at the Hollow (Great food, esp. ribs - you could also get tickets to a live show with country songwriters performing)
                  - Harolds - (people love it, but I think it's dry)
                  - Rolling Bones BBQ
                  - Daddy Dz's
                  - Pig-N-Chik (not your typical BBQ joint as far as appearances go, but I really like theirs)
                  - Williamson Bros. Bar-B-Q

                  1. re: dallen

                    The Pig Jig is a destination.

                    The post above offered a look at some of the local eateries,on your drive to Vienna.

                    You will see the setup and activities of some of the finest bbq cooks in the world at one of the top pork cookoffs in the world.

                    It is the largest ,east of the "big muddy".

                    It will draw all the top teams from Memphis,without the heat,rain,wind,mud,tornado evacuations,lousy parking,long walks,overpriced motels and food, and suspect teams that are just there for the party.

                    You will have the opportunity to see the on site finals presentations,to the judges,[quietly],of some of the best in the world,as the cameras roll beside you.

                    California has never had a bbq cookoff like this and possibly never will.

                    Friday night will be a fine party,Saturday will be the work.

                    Go take pix and site see.

                    You'll enjoy it.