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Aug 19, 2007 11:59 PM

Tofu Festival? More like Nofu Festival

I had fun Sunday, but didn't they used to have a lot of tofu? Why don't they just call it Thai Food Festival as 80% of the food vendors were selling Thai BBQ chicken or pad thai w/ tofu. I had good tofu curry, (it was mildly spiced) and excellent okonomiyaki. Bad run in with Japanese food being sold by "another nationality" (GF says I'm a bigot) girl at counter was unhelpful, verbally incommunicative, gave me different food from what I had to point at and when I insisted she give me what I wanted, she put one-half teaspoon in my bowl. Shame because it was good, too.

I missed the tofu tostada and tofu desserts.

New layout squeezes everyone into one street making cutting in line very easy as the lines were all screwed up, hard to tell what I was waiting for as people just stepped in front of me handing scrip to food servers.

It was still fun, a nice community event weather okay nice breeze, not as intensely hot as years past. The parade was good and the big nebuta float from Aomori was stunning.

So who found all the tofu and liked it more than me?

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  1. glad I decided not to go!

    1. I have to agree. They layout was bad and tofu did not seem like to centerpiece of the event.

      1. I'm boycotting anything with the word "Festival" in it anymore. It seems people like to set up goofy shops to sell overpriced crap and the food is awful. Don't get me started on the "Festivals" with big corporate food sponsors (i.e. that stupid Garlic Festival in Gilroy with the damned Lawry's tent).

        Once I drove an hour to a "French Festival" in Santa Barbara thinking I'd get myself a decent Croque Monsieur. Not a single one in site. But were there shitty middle of the road musical acts-you betcha. There was a creperie, though, it was okay.

        But that Tofu Festival, ah yes, I've been. It took me five minutes to get annoyed and leave. Why can't they just have a festival of a single nationality? Is that too difficult? Why do hippies need to set up bead shops at every "Festival"? I'm pretty sure I saw more shitty bead shops than tofu preparations.

        You've caught on something that really gets me going..

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          I came to the exact same conclusion after the tofu festival. I was thinking the entire time, "I could walk to any restaurant around here and get better food, for cheaper, be able to sit down, and not have to wait in line in the sun to get it." I didn't have anything that was all that great. After this and the Erotic L.A. expo, I'm over it.

          I did enjoy the Greek festival in Camarillo, but again, everything was overpriced, except the shots of ouzo...

          1. re: fooddude37

            which makes sense, really. With enough Ouzo in you, you'll pay anything for food.

            1. re: Diana

              For sure, and the food was actually quite decent. Not as good as my grandparent's (is there anything that could possibly compete? One is Bulgarian, other is Greek) but way better than what I had at the tofu fest.

        2. I agree in theory. In practice, however...well, I can only eat so much tofu. My vegetarian wife is a bigger fan of the stuff, and I was happy to see some tofu alternatives. The lobster balls were delicious, although almost certainly made from something other than lobster. The tofu tostadas were excellent, much better than I was expecting. Disappointments included the tofu cheesecake (a small block of uncooked tofu with strawberry jam on top) and the Japanese pizza, which was sort of like egg foo yung gone wrong and proved that you can get people to wait in long lines for ANYTHING if it looks fried and greasy.

          Agree about the crowds and layout, although I thought most people were polite and courteous by LA standards, at least. But then, I didn't hit the beer tent. Wish we could have seen the parade, but we were baked from the afternoon heat.

          On the good side, I thought the prices were pretty reasonable, both for the food and the crummy souvenirs. BobtheBigPig stuffed himself quite well for $10.

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