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Aug 19, 2007 11:27 PM

SD: Best place to buy spices?

Does anyone know of a good place to buy spices in San Diego near the La Jolla area? Usually I just buy my spices in the supermarket because I'm lazy, but I know that the quality is low and the prices are high for most of the stuff. Thanks.

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  1. Henry's sells spices by the ounce/bulk.

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      It's not that close to La Jolla, but Windmill Farm's in Del Cerro (SDSU area) sells a very wide range of bulk spices. I've purchased quite a bit from them and have been very happy with the quality and freshness. While I agree wholeheartedly with the recommendation for Penzy's, if you only need a very small amount for a specific recipe or two, buying in bulk from someplace like Windmill Farm's or Henry's makes more sense. Spices tend to loose their punch fairly quickly, buying smaller quantities in bulk and using them i[ more frequently helps prevent that problem.

      (Henry Boney's kids opened Windmill Farm's once their non-compete clause ran out after Wild Oat's purchased Henry's)

    2. It depends on what kinds of spices you're looking for. If you're looking for spices particular to a specific ethnic cuisine, your best bet is a market specializing in those kinds of ingredients. The turnover will be more frequent, and you'll have a better chance at getting fresh spices (and the prices will be far cheaper than a supermarket).

      I've gotten incredible saffron, for example, by going to Persian markets in Clairemont. You get a large amount of quality saffron for much less than you would at a grocery store.

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        Persian saffron is the best (I'm biased by being half-persian), although there is politics involved now in getting saffron that is actually from Iran. I hear Spain is now re-growing its saffron production because of the political climate about importing products from Iran, and expectations that the market for persian saffron will dwindle.

        Spanish saffron is also excellent.

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          What/where are the best Persian markets in Clairmont? Thanks!!

        2. I prefer to go online to to buy spices. I find that the selection is great, prices are decent, delivery is fast, spices are fresh and you can select various sizes, even very small quantities.

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            I second Penzeys. We've been using them for years and have always been very pleased with them.

          2. Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I'm mostly looking for typical american spices, nothing fancy, just stuff like whole peppercorns, paprika, etc. I've been buying my spices from Henrys and the price is very good, but I wasn't sure how good the quality is or how the turnover rate is since some of the stuff looks like its been sitting on the shelf for quite a while. I probably don't use enough to make it worth paying shipping to buy online, but I'll check out Penzys.

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              It probably hasn't been at Henry's for more than 3 years, like some of the tins I found at the back of my at Henry's, stored in sealed screw top jars.

              Now I only buy what I need when I need it (certain spices only for Holiday baking or wet/chili weather or Summer cooking). My one exception is the Herbes de Provence at Costco. I get that large jar and add lavender flowers from Henry's bulk. I use HdP year round.

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                Henry's quality is mixed, IMO - mainly because the locations vary, and sometimes the bulk spices are old. I've generally liked the stuff I've gotten from Whole Foods, actually, but it's pretty hard to use spices fast enough to get around the loss of flavor. I invested in a lot of Indian spices, and have been keeping them in the freezer. That actually has been working out pretty well.

              2. I see that Costco has added an area with tons of peppercorns.
                I go to Henry's as well.
                There is a place off of Miramar that used to sell some great Indian spices..