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SEA Report: Salumi & Matt's in the Market

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Thanks all to those who recommended Matt's. We were a few days in Seattle and settled on Salumi, Matt's & Lark. Unfortunately, our schedule was packed and so we settled to do Lark on our next visit.

SALUMI. We've been here before...and before I became a Chowhound...and loved it so much that we had to bring Dad here. It's located where 3rd meets 2nd...and if you don't get here right as they open, you're likely to find lines. Fortunately, we got here @ 13:45 and there was a short line, going just to the door; but by the time we walked out, the line was out the door about 15 people deep. We ordered the porchetto, the proscuitto/fig/cheese, the sausage sampler and the marghareta sandwiches. They were all quite different and VERY, VERY good. We didn't order any of the specials of the day (watermelon & mint salad, pasta, salad, etc), b/c we wanted to stick w/salumi based sandwiches. Since the bread is thick and the sandwich huge, next time we go, we plan on splitting a sandwich. One is too much unless you eat 1/2 now and save the other 1/2 for later. Five sandwiches, a salumi sampler and four drinks cost us $65 or so. We left full, happy and ready for a nap.

MATT's IN THE MARKET. I called Thu evening and asked for a reservation for Fri lunch (Fri being the 100th bday for Pike Place Market). What luck! They had a reservation for 2 @ 13:00. Exactly what I wanted! However, plans changed so I called early Fri morning to see if I could change my reservation, but all tables were taken. When we got there, we were seated within a couple minutes, alongside a window (and fortunate enough to observe the festivities down below). Mr OCAnn ordered the chilled melon soup, lamb burger & white beer; I ordered the sole, the accompanying white wine and also had the melon soup.
The food took a few minutes, but we were forewarned that it would take a bit longer. Once it arrived, OMG! I hadn't had fish prepped so wonderfully delicious in such a long time. It was tender and just-flaky perfect. It wasn't dry at all. My mouth shuddered with joy! And Mr OCAnn's lamb burger was delicious too...while he was eating it, the juices from the burger dripped down the other end...lamb and bacon juices. I stole a couple bites...and it too was moist, tender and lightly robust. It clearly was the best burger I could recall ever having. Now going back to the chilled melon soup...it was a bit different...it was atopped with something that appeared to be olive oil, but on closer examination & taste, turned out to be curry. A refreshing surprise...it was good, but one that I'm not inclined to try again. As for dessert, we decided to split a raspberry crumble. Filled with whole fruits of raspberry and blue berries, it was sweetly tart; however, there wasn't enough crumble for my taste. Upon reflection, my guess is that Matt's does entrees perfectly well; their desserts and sides weren't my cup of tea. I would LOVE to go back and try a few other dishes.

Seattle is definitely a wonderful restaurant town; with so many options. It's sooo good, that I want to retry the restaurants I'm head over heels with...but then that leaves little room to try new spots. Thanks for your recommendations...I'm looking forward to coming up again!

Armandino's Salumi
309 3rd Ave S, Seattle, WA 98104

Matt's In the Market
94 Pike St Ste 32, Seattle, WA 98101

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  1. Thanks for the review. I have not been to Matt's since its expansion. I am excited about trying it again now. What a great time to have a seat looking down on the Market!

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      My pleasure; I adore your wonderful city with so many wonderful restaurants! I think every trip to Pike Place Market deserves a lunch @ Matt's now.

    2. I forgot to add a few things:

      1. Dad is now a Salumi lover; every time he's in downtown, he vows to go back.

      2. SAFECO FIELD. On the club level, there's a stand next to the Club Restaurant (whose names escapes me) that serves nachos, hot dogs, taco/tostada salad. The nacho portions were HUGE...absolutely H U G E ! You get a choice of toppings...if you can dream up a nacho topping, they have it. Shreddred or melted cheese, onions, green onions, black beans, lettuce, tomatoes, salsa, guacamole (which I love, but I'd pass on this next time), your choice of beef or chicken, jalepenos, and a few more items.

      3. Mr OCAnn got to go fishing. For him, to be in Seattle for a summer visit w/o fishing (esp for salmon) would be remiss. He caught a couple female fish that had 2-3 pounds of roe. Thanks to the Home Cooking board, we were able to prep the eggs for proper consumption. Here's the link: www.chowhound.com/topics/432943#2862537

      Safeco Field
      1250 1st Ave S, Seattle, WA 98134