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Aug 19, 2007 10:27 PM

Rome Restaurants - Slow Food Recommendations

Does anyone have the link to the section of the Slow Food website where they list their recommendations for restaurants in Rome? I found it two years ago but can't locate it now. Going in 10 days. Thanks!

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  1. Interesting, I did not know this was available via the web. We had to buy the book after not being able to find it on the web.

    If you find out the link, please be sure to update us as to how we go about getting the info online. I would think it would be a paid service though.

    Good luck


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        Appears to be a poser. Probably has some good recs, though. But from what I can tell is not the same thing as Slow Food.

        A fraction of the Slow Food Roma restaurants made it to their website.

        Its worth checking out though.



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        You are a saint for finding that link. I've been combing through that site for ages and had given up! Grazie mille!

      2. The rome chapter of slow food kind of imploaded a year or so ago, and I don't think their website works anymore. They weret trying to re-form last time I checked. You could check in with the lazio chapter, although I don't think they have a restuarant recommendations section. I could be wrong about this, but I dont think that slow food does do restuarant recommendations on their websites. They would prefer you buy their book......Would love to hear though if you find a link.

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          These are the places recommended in the 2007 book:

          Armando al Pantheon (like but only in certain circs)
          Dal cavalier Gino (formerly just plain Gino; went once years ago and hated)
          Da Sergio (via delle Grotte -- Campo de' F)
          Da Vittorio (Ardeatino)
          Felice (Testaccio)
          Gnegno (Ponte Milvio)
          Il Bocconcino (Colosseo: note to self: try this)
          Matricianella (hated the one time I went)
          Né arte né parte (Testaccio; no great shakes)
          Osteria dell'Angelo (Trionfale, use to like but don't any more)
          Osteria del veldromo vecchio (Appio-Tuscolano)
          Palatium (P Spagna, love, though not unconditionally)
          Priscilla (Appia Antica)
          Taberna Recina (Appio)
          Tram Tram (good but chaotic, San Lorenzo)
          Trattoria Cadorna
          Trattoria Monti (good)
          Zampagna (Ostiense, big yawn)

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            Thanks for relaying the information. I finally broke down and purchased the book on Amazon -- should arrive tomorrow. Then I have 6 days to learn Italian!

            Will certainly go back to T. Monti, and will try to get to Il Bocconcino and Da Sergio. mbfant -- I've heard good things about Matricianella. What didn't you like about it when you went?

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              The service and the food... The wine list is good, but all out of proportion to the menu, which is why the Slows love it.