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Aug 19, 2007 10:23 PM

How to Prep Fresh Salmon Roe?

Mr OCAnn caught some fresh king salmon last night in Seattle. A couple of the fish were loaded with eggs. How do we prepare it so that we can eat it like ikura @ sushi-yas?

I did a quick search but couldn't find much info; most of it related to prepping the eggs to use as bait. =\

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  1. Blue Lotus has a short entry on how she turned sujiko into ikura, but she doesn't have an explicit guide or recipe here ( and ( The latter links to the roe thread at eG, which has more definite instructions.

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      1. re: lsk

        I actually have a post with much better instructions than in the links above, and since my blog still gets a crazy number of hits from this thread I thought I'd give a link:

        It is a little different from Homebrew Chef's recipe (in the link below) in that the roe is directly salted rather than brined, which in my opinion results in a cleaner flavour and brighter colour.

        Hope this helps!

      2. You weren't kidding! But here's a page:

        Recipe, directions, and photos. Good luck, sounds yummy.

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