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Aug 19, 2007 10:01 PM

Sarnia Eating

Hi folks,

I'm heading out to Sarnia on business.. other than the mcfast mcfoods in every big and small town, are there any especially outstanding places I should visit?

I'm up for anything.. not much of a drinker, so I'm planning to skip all the bars.


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  1. I have relatives in the Sarnia area, and have been a couple of times. We usually eat in, but every trip has to have a trip to the Bluewater Bridge area for "Bridge Fries". At least, that's what they call them. There are a couple of chip trucks under the bridge, on the Canadian side. One of them is lined-up--go to that one. It's the most northerly truck. Great fries, I've seen people order poutine there too, but haven't tried it.
    I'm writing this from Tennessee. Hmmm.....might have to stop for Bridge Fries when we return to Toronto later in the week.

    1. There is a great little Italian restaurant, Salvatores, not too fancy or pricy, in Point Edward on Michigan Avenue under the Bluewater Bridge.

      There are no menus, you get what they're making that day. It will usually include bruschetta, 2 or 3 types of their home-made pasta and home-made sauce, meat, and vegetables.

      I've only ever gone with a few other people and there has always been a lot of left-overs which I gladly take home unless someone else beats me to the punch.

      You will be served by the very gratious owners, who clearly eat their own creations.

      The fries under the bridge are very good.

      If you want to go across to Port Huron you will find the best chili dogs on the planet at Coney Island on Huron (since 1923) and great fried chicken at the Crystal Bar on Pine Grove.

      1. I like Lola's for lunch downtown. Can't remember the name of the street but it's 1 block away from the river and parallel to Front. St.

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          Thanks all for your replies.. I'll add them to my list.

        2. Know the area well; have many friends there.
          1. Snacking - Go for fries under the bridge; Alberts is the original , but all are good.
          Get lots of salt and lots of vinegar.
          2. If you are going on a Fri or Sat, go to Purdy's the local fisheries. They have fish dinners outdoors on those days. You can call them to make sure.
          3. Pasta - Good little cafe called Cloud Nine Gelato (on Murphy); good pasta and sandwiches.
          4. Home cooking - John's Restaurant on the Golden Mile. Great breakfasts, great greek food, liver and onions, pan fried pickerel, etc. Greek owned and run; it is a local institution.
          5. Salvatore's is good, not a lot of variety and hit or miss in selection because of no menu.
          6. Lola's on Christina is a more upscale diner; small portions, beautiful presentation and we were hungry.
          7. New Trish In - Another local favourite. Greek spinach burgers to die for; homemade greek pitas make gyros delicious (served on Fri only), excellent sandwiches, great greek meatball soup. Great for lunch; can call or go in to take out for supper.
          If you can be specific in what you like, then I can recommend some more spots.

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          1. re: itryalot

            Thanks for the reply itryalot.

            I went to Lola's last night, mixed opinions. I ordered the scallop appetizer expecting whole scallop on the shell, but they had 3 small pieces on the shell. Not what I was expecting.

            The Char was awesome though, best char I've had outside the NWT.

            I will definately try Albert's.. I'm sure a fry truck named after me will not disappoint :)

            As for what I like, I love seafood, but I'll try everything, even stuff normally outside of my comfort zone.

            1. re: taiphun

              If you have a car, and follow the road from the fries to where the casino is, you will see a sign for Purdy's. They may or may not be having a fish fry when you are in town, but can drive up and check.