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Aug 19, 2007 09:22 PM

L.A.Hound looking for a delicious weekend

I am a Los Angeles 'Hound who will be in San Francisco, downtown, for a weekend.

We are looking for two great! dim sum places, and casual dinners with great! food for Friday night and Saturday night. We are not looking for elegant dining; rather, we would prefer interesting, delicious food. We love Asian anything...perhaps a great sushi bar or an izakaya place for dinner.

We will also have two lunches open on Saturday and Sunday. Any ideas would be appreciated...thanks!

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  1. My fave dim sum in SF is Yank Sing, which has moved around over the last several years but is now on Spear at Mission about 2 blocks from the Embarcadero. the do traditional and some not so traditiona items, all very well executed. the only downside is the it is a bit more expensive than most of the Dim Sum places in Chinatown.

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        chazzerking and jinet12 -- Thanks for this rec. of Yank Sing. We like the location, and we will try it.

    1. Liu, for stellar cantonese, Koi Palace is excellent for dinner and dim sum. The seafood is unrivaled and actually outclasses even the best SGV cantonese. I'm not convinced that Yank Sing does though.

      Pass on sushi in SF unless you want to be let down. Sebo if you must but nothing near Sushi Zo quality or variety. Kaygetsu (in Menlo Park) is excellent for kayseki and may be worth a trip down. Also look into Kappa in J-Town in SF. That might interest you actually.

      Do Saturday lunch at the Ferry Building.

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        Warning on Koi Palace. The wait for a table can be HOURS.

        1. re: Luthien

          Yes, but it's so good. Call an hour ahead and you can get a number over the phone which holds your spot in line (kinda like getting a number at the deli). This will cut your wait down to 30min to 1 hour from 2hours+.

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            Koi Palace is in Daly City, long way from downtown San Francisco and not very convenient to public transportation.

            1. re: Robert Lauriston

              Hopefully Liu will have a car. Eating cantonese in SF chinatown is like eating cantonese in LA chinatown. You have to drive out for the good stuff. I know that Liu's favorite sushi place in LA is a bit out of the way.. I wouldn't put a 20 minute drive to Daly City out of his reach.

              Yank Sing isn't going to be better than your average SGV cantonese and it's going to be at least twice as much.

              1. re: Porthos

                Who said anything about Chinatown? There are lots of good Asian restaurants scattered around San Francisco proper, no need to drive to the suburbs.

                1. re: Robert Lauriston

                  Yes, but nothing as good or as cheap as what you'd find in SGV or Rowland Heights if you're talking about regional Chinese cuisine or Cantonese. Koi Palace is the only one that does it better.

                  But if you're not looking for "better" and just a good chinese restaurant, then you're right, there are more options. Jai Yun is unique if you're willing not to do a price comparison.

          2. re: Porthos

            Porthos -- Although I can't tell from your Chow page where your home base is, I feel very flattered that you are watching out for me so! You are really speaking my LA language when you mention such places as Zo, and you also know that I will travel pretty far for something delicious!

            I am reading your suggestions very carefully and will print them for my pocket. Yes, we will try Koi Palace for one of our dim sum mornings, and we think your idea of the Ferry Building for lunch is a good one.


          3. I'm not sure it makes much sense for a visitor from LA to eat Japanese or Chinese here since you've got as good or better at home.

            Aziza (Cal-Moroccan), Peruvian, and our local version of Cal-Italian might be more of a change.

            1. DELICA rf1 in the ferry plaza has some interesting stuff. it's not outstanding japanese food but it's great lunch box items that they do so well. having lived in SF and LA for an equal amount of time i would think you may be a bit disappointed if you go to look for casual asian in SF. LA is much better for that. go to the ferry palza on sat and go to the farmers market. there's the hog island oyster company who offer oysters for a few dollars each. grab an acme baguette sit and enjoy the beautiful bay view. delicious!

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              1. re: trolley

                I second Delica as possibly something different from what Liu can find in LA. Cutesy, foofy bento boxes for under $10.

                1. re: Gary Soup

                  Nice photo, Gary, and thanks! "Cutesy, foofy bento boxes..." -- I'm laughing at the "foofy" part, and this does, indeed, look like my style!

              2. I would (predictably, some would say) advise against Yank Sing. They're overpriced, and specialize in "updated" high-ticket specials. If you're Chinese (judging from your name) you might find it odd to be in a place that few Asians care to go to. If you are comfortable with that, and a possible $40/pp tab for dim sum if you get carried away, then go ahead and see what the shouting is about.

                If you can't make it to Koi Palace in Daly City, I'd suggest the short hike to Chinatown and trying Great Eastern (moderately expensive, no carts) or Gold Mountain (cheaper, and carts) for dim sum. You are going to stop by Red Blossom Tea, after all, aren't you?