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Aug 19, 2007 08:55 PM

Ham Yu recipe

I know this is a recipe question, but does anyone know how to prepare (recipe) for old style Chinese Ham Yu (Ham Yuk). I know it's ground pork, maybe ginger and salted fish. But I don't know what the real ingredients are.


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  1. Check out Johnny Kan's

    Check out Johnny Kan's Five Immortal Flavors cookbook - recipe's in there along with variations...if you can't find it, I'll post the recipe.


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      Can't find the book. Looked on Google and Amazon but nothing. Can you post the recipe? Thanks.

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        Will do when I get home to my cookbooks this afternoon.

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          Are you referring to a dish called 咸魚蒸肉餅?
          (CANTONESE: haam yu jing yuk bing, MANDARIN:xián yú zhēng ròu bǐng)

          If so, try googling....."steamed minced pork with salted fish", or maybe even "steamed pork hash with salty/salted fish", something along this line.

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            Well, first, it's Eight Immortal Flavors! Here's paraphrased recipe for
            Steamed Pork Patty w/Salt Fish:
            1-1/2 lb raw pork (not too lean) - chopped fine
            4 pcs Saltfish (hom yee) cut 3/4x2 in. Soak & wash in cold water 10 mins. Drain.
            2 slices fresh ginger, julienned
            In mixing bowl, place chopped pork, 1/2 tsp salt, 1 tsp soy sauce, sprinkle of ground pepper, 1 TB cornstarch -- mix well and transfer to platter, pressing into a patty to fit platter. Place saltfish and ginger evenly over top.
            Cook in steamer w/tight fitting lid. Steam at high heat 20-25 mins or until pork is done. Serve w/steamed rice. Serves 3-4.

            This makes a whole lot! Easy to halve recipe though. Enjoy!

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              Thanks, Sarah. Appreciate it.


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                One last question, what kind of salted fish do you use? What is hom yee?
                Is it like an anchovy? Can Thai fish sauce (nam pla) be used as a substitute for the salted fish?

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                  I used the dried fish (2-3 whole ones which I then soak and cut up) in plastic pkg from Ranch 99. They also come packed in oil in glass jars, cut up into serving size pieces (Croaker?). I don't know what nam pla is, so can't help there. Hom Yee (var. of ham yu?) = salty fish.