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Aug 19, 2007 08:09 PM

Where to eat in Macau?

Getting away from Hong Kong for a weekend in Macau with the boyfriend...where should we eat? Anyone tried Macanese?

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  1. I just visited Macau and had a nice Macanese lunch at Henri's. It's on Avenida da Rep├║blica and faces the Macau Tower. I found it after seeing the A Ma Temple and walked along the road by Sai Van Lake. The codfish ball appetizer was delicious. I had a portuguese fish that was okay -it was breaded in a spongy egg-like coating that wasn't so hot. Other things on the menu looked very good, though. I found their website:

    There are also some macanese restaurants on Taipa in Taipa Village. One's called Pinnochio (something) and it's supposed to be quite good. I liked Taipa Village a lot -it's smaller and more quaint than Macau, but still fairly touristy.

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      I heard from a friend who lives in Macau that Pinnochio *used to be* quite good but has gone downhill recently. I've never been - but it's what I've heard, for what it's worth... On another note, last time I was there, I saw this crazy line up at this little cafe in Taipa for some pork tenderloin bun (??) They say the cafe is famous for it. Supposedly the cafe only makes 200 or so, and there were definitely more than 200 peepe lining up. Next time I'll have to give it a try!

    2. Fernando's! Really good and kind of a cool spot--a little out of the way though.

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        I only did a day trip to Macau once long ago so I don't have any restaurant suggestions, but I do remember all the nibbles available in small shops and market stalls. Be sure to grab some Macanese almond cookies, beef jerky, and egg tarts to snack on in between meals.

      2. Thanks for all the replies guys...looks like I am going to have to fit in a lot of eating!

        1. Fernandos is a must and LaOrcha (spelling) is very good as well

          1. I think the best food we had was at Cafe/Restaurant Nga Tim in Coloanne Village. Their logo is a little round-headed, rosy-cheeked guy with a hat, glasses & striped overalls. They're on the left side of the plaza when you're facing the church, and I think they might be visible through an alley from the plaza near Lord Stow's Cafe (the Coloanne Village bus stop). We ordered in a somewhat miscellaneous fashion, and everything was good, if a bit random. The folks at the next table got curry crab & grilled shrimp with garlic, both of which looked awesome. There may be a bit of a language barrier here. We got by with a mix of English & Mandarin. There is an English menu.

            Lord Stow's cafe, also in Coloanne, had the best egg tarts.

            We also had very good dim sum on the third? upper floor of the building that contains the Macau Tower. Good crispy pork & duck, steamed squid, and a variety of dim sums , including several that I hadn't seen anywhere else before, including Hong Kong. For instance, a steamed dish that looked like a cuttlefish-tofu napoleon. Savory, not sweet. But good.

            The above reviews may be influenced by the fact that our hotel was in Coloanne.