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Aug 19, 2007 07:51 PM

Fullerton Group Dining Dilemma

After reading and taking all of the wonderful advice these Chowhound boards, I decided to sign up and become a "Chowhounder".

I was given this task to perform, and I need some help:

I need to find a restaurant in the Fullerton, CA city limits that can hold a group of 30-40 that would cost (food only + tax and tip) under $20 per person.
My default location will be Angelo and Vinci's.
Locations that are not eligible are CHOMP, Knowlwood, Old Spaghetti Factory, Heroes, and Rutabegorz.

I wish that I could hold it in Brea or Placentia, but alas, my board has told me this next dinner must be in the city of Fullerton.

Thanks for your help in advance.

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  1. How exciting! Is this for some sort of initiation ritual that some more veteran Chowhounders are requesting you to do to test your taste in restaurants? Your default location, and the first place which came to mind, was indeed Angelo & Vincis. If the "Small World" ride at Disneyland concentrated only on Italy, it would look like A&V's. There is that "restaurant row" on Harbor Boulevard, with Rockin' Taco (Mexican), Ziing's (Chinese) and Branagan's (Irish pub-like) all seemingly next door to each other. Interestingly, these places all look suspciously alike, as if they were owned by the same person, but I've tried all three and would say that in terms of food quality, the order would go: Taco ( ), Ziing's ( ) and Branagan's. For Italian fare, on the same block is Roman Cucina ( ), which is a small chain with a diverse menu.

      1. re: russkar

        Would recommend the same thing- they have a nice outdoor patio, and the food, though uneven, can be above average. Plus, you can get everyone liquored up on cheap sangria!

        1. re: kdoc

          It will be difficult to get out of Cafe Hidalgo for $20 a head all told -- the entrees are in the $16-$22 range. If you do go, know that the food is OK, but tell them ahead of time you're not interested in their shockingly bad "cumin vinaigrette", which they flog on every salad, and which appears to be made of Distilled Essence of Lot's Wife, it's so salty.

          Other possibilities would be The Olde Ship on Harbor, or Lomeli's on Bastanchury and Brea.