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Golden Griddle to Open In Entertainment District

I'm shocked. A Golden Griddle is to open in the Heart of the Cheesy Entertainment district. This makes me laugh. I wonder where the companies Head office is??? It probably isn't in Toronto. How could a terrible breakfast chain like that survive in a neighborhood where all that's left during breakfast/brunch hours is barf on the sidewalks and litter? Even good night time restaurants and night clubs close down shorty after opening. I know this because I live a few blocks away. As a kid my brother found a fly smushed into one of their pancakes. Icky. Does anyone acutally like this place; I really want to know and why? I thought they were phasing this chain out of existance.

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  1. They actually serve lunch and dinner as well, typically, which are, believe it or not, far worse than their brunch.

    1. If it's open late night, this place can probably capitalize on the gross, post-club traffic. Wasted people are notorious for wanting a big feed after drinking. I think the Yonge/Carleton location does OK by that demographic, and IHOP-ing after clubbing is a thing in the US. Although, personally, I don't really get the drunken pancake crave...

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        ding ding ding! there's usually nothing me and my friends crave more than greasy food! especially breakfast right after drinking, or after a looong sleep. golden griddle isn't really that cheap either, but you can squeeze money out of drunks.

      2. Always helpful to post the location specifics...

        20 Duncan St. (Just south of Adelaide)

        1. Many Golden Griddles are open 24 hours so I too figure they are going for the drunk / high after club crowd.. not a place I would want to be in at 3am!

          1. Actually, anything within the club district that serves greasy yucky food at 3am on a Friday night will probably do just fine.

            God knows, the Golden Griddle at Yonge/Carlton was the site of many a post-club/rave meal. I agree, it's not good eats, but then again... who cares when you've just finished a two-hour binge and just want something to sop up enough alcohol to avoid bed-spins? (see: Mars diner, Sneaky Disease, Fran's, et al)

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              and don't forget the Mr.Pong Truck or street meat alternatives..

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                ahhhh mr. pong, so many memories..........
                they're closed now right?

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                  Mmmm... Mr Pong. Many an Awesome Jumbo made its way down my gullet back in the day. Maximum grease-to-cabbage ratio - definitely NOT good eats.

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                    maybe not good eats......but i also have also had may share of the awesome jumbo back in the day. so is the pongster RIP-ing?

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                      Yep, they closed up shop about 3-4 yrs ago or so. RIP, Awesome Jumbo. I miss seeing their cheesy delivery car around the downtown streets.

              2. i'm sure this location will be successful simply because drunks LOVE bad greasy food

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                  I have no idea what it is about alcohol and bad, greasy food, but I definitely agree! There are certain foods I'll only consider eating when I'm drunk or hung over, but when I am, my cravings for them are unstoppable! Examples include Pizza Pizza wings, McDonald's, Harvey's, etc. The oilier and saltier the better. They seem to help the hangover, too, at least for me.

                2. Heh... if the staff can put up with the drunken hordes (and I feel really bad for the folks who are gonna get minimum wage to do this job when they should be getting "combat pay"), I predict this will be the busiest location, and one of the most popular restaurants in the area. Tens of thousands of drunk club-goers all looking for coffee and grease at 3am, when there's nothing else open - it's quite brilliant.

                  1. i actually know of a Facebook Group "god i'm drunk, who's up for golden griddle", i believe started by leaside teens who hit up the yonge/redpath location...

                    1. Having spent many very late nights/very early mornings of my wayward youth at the old Front & Jarvis location of GG, I agree with all of the other posters - this is a brilliant spot for them to be opening, especially if it's a 24-hour location. Nothing better to help kill a hangover than a good helping of greasy food before bed. ;)

                      1. You guys are harsh! Sometimes some breakfast is exactly what I feel like... Maybe GG isn't great by any means but give me a break, scrambled eggs with bacon & pancakes is gonna be pretty similar anywhere you go :) (My 2 cents)

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                          Its a great idea and an ideal location.
                          Hope they hire plenty of police for crowd control.

                        2. I often pass by the Fran's at College & Yonge late at night, and they seem to have a fairly orderly crowd, considering the average level of inebriation.

                          Don't get me wrong, I've been on the "drunk and need chow" wagon many a time. In fact just last weekend... :)

                          Now... "drunk and need chow" reads like a solid T-shirt idea...

                          1. I was in there saturday night, the food came out pretty quick (got the steak and eggs great @ 3am), service was good and the place was really clean. Definately recommend it, my buddy got the "country corner" i'd definately recommend that if your really hungry!

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                              This may sound absurd coming from me, given that I like and enjoy most franchises, but seriously, eating at GG is the equilvalent of eating at McDonalds (and it's cheaper). I just couldn't find a single redeeming quality about their breakfast offerings. It was all so boring and so blah.

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                                It will go perfect next to the Tim Hortons.