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Magimix Food Processor from France

Has anybody bought the Magimix food processor? It sounds great but I can't find any reviews of it in the U.S. ( Chefs Catalog sells it. ) My thoughts go to Robot Coupe and the original Cuisinarts. Looking forward to more info on it, hopefully.

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  1. "My thoughts go to Robot Coupe and the original Cuisinarts."

    It's been many, many years since Cuisinart took their food processor production from Robot Coupe and turned it over to China.

    But, FWIW, Robot Coupe still makes food processors for KitchenAid...

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      Thanks for the interesting report. I've extensively researched Kitchenaid processors and can't find confirmation anywhere that they're made by Robot Coupe (RC, of course, has its pwn models they sell for home use.) I bought a highly-rated Kitchenaid hand mixer and noted it was made in China.

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        "I've extensively researched Kitchenaid processors and can't find confirmation anywhere that they're made by Robot Coupe..."

        You'll just have to take my word for it! ;-)

        Or this:
        KITCHEN EQUIPMENT by Pierre Franey
        March 16, 1983
        "The battle of the food processors continues, with Cuisinart offering its largest model and a formidable competitor joining in. KitchenAid, known for its durable mixing machines, has introduced a food processor, the KFP700. KitchenAid, an American company based in Ohio, is a late comer but hopes to win over the cooks who have used its unsurpassed mixers. The processor is made by Robot-Coupe, a French concern that produced the first mass-market processors."

        Go to your local department store or cooking shop, find yourself a KitchenAid processor, and flip it over -- still stamped "Made in France" to this day!

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          While the first generation of Kitchen Aid processors were made by Robot Couple, it appears that all subsequent models have been made in China. This is true for the past several years, anytime I've checked.

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            Well, my KitchenAid FP (ca. 2001) was made in France, and the last time I looked at a new model on the showroom floor (admittedly a few years ago) it was also made in France.

            But if they're now made in China, I suppose it was inevitable. Maybe there's some new "old stock" lingering about somewhere...

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              Thanks, all! Sounds like Robot Coupe itself (they have a model for around $400+) and the French Magimix might just be the current contenders. Unfortunately, I can't seem to locate any owners or reviews of either, except for mariekeac and louisa (thank you both) below.

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            I just flipped mine over, they are now made in China.

      2. My parents (back home in Holland) have have their Magimix food processor for about 20 years now, blades are still very sharp (never replaced them) and they have never ever had any problems with it. They don't use it daily but on a regular basis...
        Don't know if it has either changed over the years or the quality would be different in the US....

        1. I've used all three - I'd go with a Robot Coupe. It is THE standard for restaurant food processors - heavy duty and reliable. I've seen them knocked them knocked to concrete floors, used to grind huge amounts of sinewy meat, and still never fail.

          1. I have cuisinart food processor attatchment for my chrome cuisinart blender and that works fine for occaisional use but if you need professional go with the RC.

            1. UK reviews of the Magimix are all positive except for the cost.

              My beloved original made-in-France Robot Coupe Cuisinart CFP-9 finally killed its main blade after 25 years. Do I go for an Ebay replacement or $350 for the Magimix?

              I killed it by trying to knead too much dough, Do the 11-cuppers really handle normal-size doughs?

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                If you love to make dough treat yourself and buy a Magimix. With the magimix special dough blade and the poweful motor that equip the machine you will have a blast, and a lot of time for something else.

              2. I'm trying to find some information on the Magimix before I spend the $500 for it. I currently have a kitchenAid which works nicely but the feed tube is so narrow! Can anyone tell me if the Magimix (5100) has a large feed tube or provide the dimensions of it?

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                  If you want a large feed tube buy the 4200XL sold by williams-Sonoma. No other Magimix XL feed tube machine is available on the US market yet.
                  5100 and 5150 have a standard feed tube. No upgrade is possible with an XL lid.

                2. In November of 2006, REAL SIMPLE magazine did a review of food processors. RS gave it an excellent review. Here is the link for the result for the Magimix food processor: http://www.realsimple.com/realsimple/...
                  For other brands go to Real Simple and type in food processors. Samantha H.
                  7 November 2007

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                    My daughter-in-law, a very serious cook, has the MagiMix. She bought the first one in London, and had to leave it behind when they moved back to the States. She recently bought a new one. I believe she'd give up her dishwasher before she'd be without the MagiMix again. She uses it almost every day for one thing or another.

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                        I moved to England and got a Magimix, and I absolutely love it. If they're making it so that it works with US electricity, I'd definitely recommend it. Mine is the 4100, I think, and it makes me happy just thinking about it!

                      2. I"ve been thinking about one of these as well. The $500 model is more appealing to me due to the larger size and extra attachments but having a hard time getting by the price. Problem is I'm afraid if I keep waiting it will only get more expensive due to the weak dollar...

                        1. This is all very interesting info but what I would really like to know is, "where the heck do you purchase the 5200 Megimax in good old USA. Don't the French want us to have this. I have been going crazy trying to locate one. Do I need to fly to Europe. Unhappy cook..................

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                            I'm pretty certain my daughter-in-law ordered hers from Chefs Catalogue. I'm not sure which model she has, though: http://www.chefscatalog.com/product/2...

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                              did you every find a place to get the Magimix 5200?

                            2. i bought the magi mix 5100 about a year ago from a napa catalog, the owner is on food tv his first name is micheal. i think its a great machine. i still have the original
                              cusinart made in france before they went to japan i believe the motor is stronger
                              than the oriental ones. i have used it in all phases of its use, also good support
                              from france. i,m open to any questions any one has.

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                                Bowl question: do the small workbowls go inside the largest bowl during using or is each bowl used by itself? Also, did you ever consider the smaller model, the 3100 or 3150? - I think it maxes at 12 C vs. 16 C.

                              2. Hi,
                                I just got the 3150 magimix from chef's catalog as a xmas gift......have used it only a
                                few times but I am really impressed with it. I had a small cuisinart (DLC5?) for about 15 years
                                and can't even compare it with this thing! It has a great motor, it's relatively quiet, and has lots
                                more blades and attachments than I've ever used. I've made bread crumbs and ground up chocolate chips, shredded parmesan and sliced veggies and it has performed with ease. I feel like I need to give it more of a workout, hehe, it is so powerful. They also give you this square shaped spatula for cleaning out the bowls that works beautifully.....I love it so far.

                                1. answer re bowls.....yes they all fit inside one another. That is probably the only thing that I am not crazy about....sometimes the stuff in the smaller bowl may come out into the larger.....not by much and I haven't tested it with many "liquidy" things yet......but yes, the bowls stay together.

                                  1. I just got one for Christmas it was purchased at Napa Style in Los Gatos CA. Here is a web link too:

                                    1. I'm not sure how everything shakes out three decades later, but I have a Cuisinart that dates from the mid seventies and is still going strong. It's a model RC1.

                                      The RC stands for "Robot Coupe". The box, and the machine, sport the Cuisinart brand name. The manual is states it is a "Magimix" machine made by Robot Coupe. A metal plate on the bottom says the machine is an "Allpress" made by "Josef Schreyogg" in France.

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                                        I have exactly the same food processor with the Josef Schreyoog metal plate on the underside. I bought it at the Toronto Exhibition many years ago...I think in the seventies. I need a new bowl but can't get the exact one.

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                                          I believe I have the same machine as you. Mine says Allpress and "josef Schreyogg" whoever he is??? I got mine in 1970 and it has been the most used kitchen item I've ever had. I just couldn't be without it. The metal chopper blade broke a few months ago and after trying everything(including having someone try to make one) to replace it I found this board and "Jay" was kind enough to direct me to ebay. I not only got a blade that fits, but I got a whole new Cuisinart with it. The lady on ebay had bought it at an estate sale and some of the shredders hadn't even been used. I really was fortunate to have kept my machine for so long hoping something would materialize, and then finding someone on this line that directed me to ebay.

                                        2. I have had Magimix since I got married back in '69. Fantastic machine. later on I needed a larger one and it is still going strong. I love it and use most days.

                                          1. Hi from Australia! I just bought a Magimix 3200 this week. After doing my homework on the 'net' and reading food forums etc I came to the conclusion that Magimix was the way to go and I haven't been disappointed. Have only used it to make Pesto so far, but it was a breeze to use and easy cleanup. It is so solidly built and I think looks a million dollars (mine is black). It came with 3 discs and a special offer of 2 free discs of my choice as well as the blades. I'm really looking forward to using it, I know I'll use it heaps.On the base it says "Made in France".

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                                              Hi can anyone tell me the difference between the 5100 and the 5150 - what do you get for the extra 100 dollars?

                                            2. I ordered my Magimix 5150 from the Chefs Catalog. I've owned it for a couple f weeks now, & I love it. Don't use it every day, but it's head & shoulders more powerful than my old Cuisinart (which said 'made in Japan' when I flipped it over). I'm not sure you can go wrong buying the 5150 -- it replaced my Chisinart, my mini-processor, my blender, & my juicer. Look for an older Chef's catalog that offers free shipping -- makes it an even better deal . . .

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                                              2. I recently bought a Magimix 3200XL. I had done a lot of research beforehand, trying to compare Magimix, KitchenAid and Cuisinart. In the end, it came down to Magimix vs Cuisinart.

                                                My mother has had a Magimix for over 25 years and it's still going strong, and I also wanted to buy something long-lasting. However, I think the Cuisinart looks more stylish (i.e. less boxy) ... so it was practical qualities (Magimix) vs aesthetics (Cuisinart).

                                                Anyway, when I went to store to look at both models, I found that all stores in my city no longer stocked Cuisinart because of the financial troubles the company is experiencing. Seems like the stores in my area are quite sensitive to the livelihoods of such companies and didn't want to sell products to consumers who would then have trouble finding companies to service them or honour the warranties and guaranties.

                                                So I ended up buying a Magimix (which was my first preference), and I have no regrets at all. I feel much more comfortable buying a product with a company that has been around for many years and which is still manufactured in France.

                                                1. After spending over a year drooling over it, I purchased the 5150 (in red) from Chefs Catalog a few months ago. It replaced my 20 year old, Japanese-manufactured Cuisinart Custom 11. I have to say, initially I wasn't quite as impressed with the Magimix as I expected to be. Having the 3 different bowls is definitely a plus, but it took me some time to get used to it. I felt I had less control. When trying to simply chop onions or celery, I found that things would turn from big chunks into mush with just a few pulses. Also, the small bowl seemed to chop unevenly. Maybe I was overloading the bowl?
                                                  But my biggest problem, by far, is with the design of the feed tube. My model does not have the "wide" tube and, in hindsite, I probably would have forgone the extra attachments that came with the 5150 in exchange for the wider feed tube. Fact is, this feed tube is so narrow, it's about half the diameter of my Cuisinart's tube! Also, the feed tube is not flush with the cover, but instead extends down past the underside of the lid 1/2 inch or so. Because of this, when using the shredding or slicing blades, food tends to get caught up on the feed tube and collect there. When I'm shredding mozzarella, for example, I end up with a ball of mozz. on top of the disk, caught up by the part of the feed tube that sticks down. I guess I expected more for the money. The julienne blade works wonderfully, but with the feed tube being so ridiculously narrow, you can't expect to have sticks -or french fries- that are longer than about 2 inches long.
                                                  Anyone know if I can obtain a lid with the wide feed tube that would fit the 5150?
                                                  I don't use the juicer often, but it seems to work ok. The pulp builds up quickly, though, and if it isn't emptied periodically during the course of juicing and is allowed to build up, it creates a sort of centrifugal force that causes the machine to shake and actually twist on the counter! I also purchased the bread dough basket from Napa Style, but haven't used it yet. ( I love my Zojirushi for mixing and rising bread dough)
                                                  Other plusses for the Magimix--it does a great job grating hard cheeses and chocolate (love having the parmaggiano/chocolate grating disk) and it cleans up nice and easy.
                                                  It's a great looking appliance (in my opinion, more attractive than Cuisinart or KA), but I'm still trying to decide if the extra cost is truly justified. Maybe its value will be more apparent in its longevity. I use it daily, and if it can hold up to the punishment I give a food processor--as well as my Cuisinart did--I'll be happy. I'd probably be a whole lot more in love with it if I'd gotten the Williams Sonoma model with the wide feed tube, but I was a sucker for the red color and all of the extra attachments and disks.
                                                  Also, no hole in the food pusher for adding liquids in a slow, steady stream. I'd prefer to have that than the Magimix pusher, which simply doubles as a measuring cup.

                                                  1. If you're in the US it's better just to bite the bullet (ie, save your money) and buy a Robot Coupe. My sister gave me the old R100 model (made in France) about 8 or 9 years ago, and while it's not exactly like the ones I used in professional kitchens, it's close enough - powerful and big. The blade has never needed sharpening. I have a few slicing and shredding discs which is all I've ever needed in the way of attachments. And there are two long feed tubes on the lid in this model - more than adequate, although I do miss the hole in the middle of the lids of the bigger all metal models. Believe me, you don't need thousands of attachments - just a sharp blade and a powerful motor.

                                                    1. Go for it, but buy a Magimix buy a domestic Magimix (by Robot-Coupe) food processor, not a commercial Robot-Coupe version. Magimix is more customer friendly and more elegant -- eh, it matters in a kitchen, AND so much less expensive. Othewise, they are all Made in France, and you will have the same results as the commercial food processor. It relies on the same technology and research. There is a warranty, 3 years on the parts, 12 years on the motor, but you will never have to use it. My mother-in-law still has her Magimix RC1 sold under Cuisinart brand (Magimix is the inventor of the concept of the food processor and made all the Cuisinart food processors until the early 80s); the label under the housind indicates it was manufactured in1979. It still works as a Rolls Royce.

                                                      FYI until two years ago Kitchenaid was made in France by Magimix. The Kitchenaid is now made in China like all Cuisinart.

                                                      1. After spending considerable time deciding, I just ordered the Magimix 4200 XL from Williams Sonoma today. I had been wanting a Kitchenaid, til I saw how many people had big problems with them, even in the first year, and only one year warranty. I did then light on the idea of the NEW Cuisinart available only at W-S for now, and that was in our local store. I went to look at it, and ended up ordering the Magimix instead. The new Cuisinart still looks cheezy like the old ones, even though they did a total remodel on it. My husband saw the "made in China" on the bottom and agreed to spring for the French made Magimix. It has a 12 year/ 3 year guarantee on motor/machine&accessories. I don't know yet where you would send it for service in that case, but I hope it comes with the Magimix. I hope I love it, we don't do a lot of large dough (holds 2 pounds I think), and with three bowls and the actual largest feed hole in the market, plus all those blades and storage kit, I think it will work out fine. I will write when it gets here, maybe a week or so. I bought it without being able to see one, so I hope it's good. All the reviews here convinced me to go for it! Thanks.

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                                                          Well, we've had the Magimix for a few months now and it is the greatest thing in the kitchen. Except the dishwasher, I guess~! I love it, my husband loves it, it's sheer perfection unlike any other food processor I ever used or tried or looked at. It hums, no vibration, reminds me of when Cuisinart used to be good, because it's made by Robo-Coupe who made the old Cuisinarts I guess! It's a professional feel with a professional result. I tried the "new" Cuisinart at W/S and it is junk compared to this Magimix. Best purchase. I also found the temp guide for my Bosh dishwasher (not recommended dishwasher btw, horrid customer service) and there is a cycle on mine that heats low enough for the Magimix requirement so I don't have to handwash parts. Check their website for tips, also, like if the parts don't move or budge (pusher tube stuff) a small drop of vegetable oil smooths it right away.

                                                          1. re: riverwalk

                                                            Okay everyone. I've been researching food processors and have narrowed the field to the Magimix and the Cuisinart Limited Edition (the elite looks great on the video but all the talk about cleaning the lid seal has turned me off). Right now I've taken cost off the table. I currently own a 30-year old Robot Coup but the handle on the bowl is cracked making it difficult to snap into place. I thought about just replacing the bowl if I could find one. However with all the new features on current processors, I thought maybe it was time to look around. Any insight would be appreciated.

                                                            1. re: riverwalk

                                                              Are you saying that the Magimix bowl is not dishwasher safe?

                                                          2. I purchased one and they are the absolute best processors on the market. I had an Original Commercial one with the Robot Coupe name in the UK and the Magimix for home use is just as great. ANd they beat the Cuisinart and Kitchenaid HANDS DOWN. These cheap Chinese models don't last long not like the original US Made ones from years ago. The ones that were supposedly made by Robot Coupe were at the very best just cheap versions of nothing as far as I am concerned. Nothing beats the Commercial Robot Coupe ot the Magimix. I won the 4200 XL and for goed the Juicer etc to get the extra long feed tube. You can buty the cheap not long lasting made in China Cuisinart for around USD 160.00 for the 14 cup or Kitchenaid or you can buy the 4200 XL for around USD 400.00 or the newer 5200XL for around USD 500.00 but it will last a lifetime. Larger motors and come with 3 different container sizes rather than just one size container. GREAT BUY AND GREAT MACHINES MADE IN FRANCE

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                                                              I am still using my Robot Coupe RC1A dated 1981. I paid about $79 for it, a lot of money then. It has never let me down.

                                                              1. re: trishpm

                                                                I bought the 4200 plus some extra attachments as well.

                                                                I was tempted by the Kitchen Aid but did not want a Chinese made motor. My friends have had Magimix for 30 years with no problem. I looked at the bigger sizes but some reviews said the 4200 was the best quality wise (the sweet spot) in the range. If I bought again I would go for the largest XL model with the wide feed tube. You don't have to slice veggies like onions or tomatoes in half to fit the feed tube.

                                                                When you look at the large bowl one thinks it can hold a lot of liquid but it can't
                                                                you can only fill it 2/3 full at the most (so you might want the biggest size made depending on what you are going to use it for. I bought mine for pastry making and it will only hold enough for one pie.

                                                                It slices and grates at such a speed. I am still experimenting with the centrifugal juice extractor so can't give a verdict on it as yet.

                                                                The julienne disc works well but slices too thinly for my taste. I believe the chip slicer does the same - very thin chips. I would probably stick to the discs etc which come with the machine and avoid the optional expensive extras.

                                                                I am told the Magimix bowls will discolor over time if dishwashed so I do mine by hand although the temps on my dishwasher are ok for this purpose. It is an expensive item so I am looking after it.

                                                                It is so nice to have a quality appliance in the kitchen. I recommend it particularly if one has a family. If you are single a good knife and grater can do the job too.

                                                                I have not tried to make bread or cake dough but some baking pro's prefer their stand mixer which they say does a better job. I am sure others here can comment on both dishwashing and dough aspects.

                                                                Has anyone tried the recipes in the handbook?

                                                                1. re: Mistral

                                                                  Mistral, is the only issue with putting the bowls through the dishwasher discoloration? I have a Robot Coupe 3500 and have been replacing the bowl at least once a year due to cracking in the dishwasher. Yes, I know that I should wash them by hand but for the first 25 years there was no problem with putting it through the dishwasher.

                                                                  1. re: AGM_Cape_Cod

                                                                    The Magimix (French) site says:

                                                                    Dishwashing recommendations:

                                                                    " All accessories can be washed in the dishwasher but we recommend that you use a short programme (low temperature). It is normal that the bowls and the lid will become marked, crazed and possibly opaque with frequent use. This normal deterioration is not covered by guarantee."

                                                                    All plastic parts should be placed in the top rack of the dishwasher, away from the element. Liquids and powders are less abrasive than tablets, and a detergent that is 'suitable for plastics' should be used. Use of tablets, or detergents that are not 'suitable for plastics, can cause plastics to become brittle over time.

                                                                    As for all plastics, the accessories are 'dishwasher-safe' (i.e. can be put in the dishwasher but WILL deteriorate over time and should only be placed on temperatures not exceeding 50 degrees), rather than 'dishwasher-proof' (i.e. can be put in the dishwasher without any deterioration)


                                                                    Common sense tells me anything you put in the dishwasher will deteriorate.
                                                                    I don't put my Le Creuset dutch ovens in there either. Washing by hand is not a hassle.

                                                                    Also see: http://www.themockturtle.com/Amock/vi...

                                                            2. I purchaed the magimix in 2010 and still made in France by Robo Coupe.. The Cuisinart are now made in China and you get what you pay for JUNK they dont last long look at many reviews

                                                              1. I just received a Magimix 3500 Robot Coupe (also known as rc7) from ebay. The bowl is broken, as is part of the lid. It is also missing feet. I paid £35 for the whole thing.

                                                                I know that it will cost me around £50 for a new bowl, £25 for a lid (not essential but to match the new bowl) and £5 for some feet. I can tell the motor is really good on the machine, very powerful and smooth running for its age. But I can't decide whether to lurk on ebay a bit longer to try and find something a bit newer rather than spend the money upgrading this one.

                                                                Does anyone with an early 1980s Magimix have some advice for me on this? I should probably also mention that the new bowl and lid would have a 4 year warranty included...