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Aug 19, 2007 07:13 PM

Downtown Seattle

Coming for a visit at the end of the week and have mapped out a few places to go: Lark, Salumi, Mashiko, Matt's at the Market and a couple others. But I was looking for a place to eat Saturday dinner in downtown Seattle. Any suggestions? Looking for something very tasty, but not extremely expensive. Any ethnic foods would be great.

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  1. Imaggie, Seattle's International District is very close to downtown. Seven Stars, Tamarind Tree and Green Leaf are all highly recommended. The Szechuan crab at Seven Stars is a Seattle classic.

    1. mediteranean kitchen near the seattle center, copacabana at the market and typhoon for thai food.

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        Sorry, Med Kitchen is no more. You'll have to travel to Bellevue to get those Farmer's Chicken Wings :)

        1. re: cburnsi

          Egad. Bellevue is ordinarily much too far to go for a plate of chicken wings, but an order of the "Farmer's Dish" with a mezze tray were one of the best meals in tow, and if they can match it I might just have to venture there. Anybody know what happened?