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Aug 19, 2007 07:11 PM

Indian Delight - Catonsville, Md

I'm thinking of going to Indian Delight on Frederick Rd, in Catonsville tomorrow. Anyone ever been and have recs?! Website is: It all sounds really good!!

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  1. Went a few days ago. the lunch is a tired buffet, not worth going to. Hope dinner is better!

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      Can we order off menu for lunch or is it strictly buffet?

    2. This is my favorite Indian food on the planet! I can't stop myself from ordering the chicken tikka masala and the saag paneer almost every time I go. My husband likes the saag ghosh (spinach with lamb) and the vegetarian choices are great too - my friend loves the bengan bharta (eggplant), and the mixed vegetable curry is great. You really can't go wrong with anything. I have always enjoyed the lunch buffet but have only been on Sundays and not on a weekday so I can't vouch for that. You can also order off the menu. Also, be sure to get your food spiced at least medium - if you ask for it mild they sometimes seem to leaves the spiciness out completely! Don't forget to order lots of naan - it is so good here.

      I wish I was going with you! mmm mmm.

      1. I've never been to the buffet, but we've been for dinner multiple times and like it a lot. There's nothing groundbreaking about the food, but it's done well for the homey goodness that it is. It's a bit out of our way, and there are a couple of greater-than (Cafe Spice in Towson) or equal-to (Indian Kitchen in Parkville) options closer to us, so we haven't been there in awhile, but the service was always friendly and attentive. If we lived closer we'd eat there all the time, as it is, when we have reason to be out that way, it's at the top of our list. The decor is neat, too -- a step up from your usual strip mall discovery, with paintings on the walls.

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          My mouth is watering over the idea of coconut naan and the Biriyani.

          I love driving and eating good food so going out of my way to try a new place sounds fun to me! I'll have to give Cafe Spice and Indian Kitchen a try sometime as well!

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            Cafe Spice is just wonderful -- the owners are lovely and attentive, and the gobi manchuri appetizer is always on my mind. Well above average, worth going to Towson even if you have no other reason to be in Towson (which is high praise in my book -- I hate that roundabout business).

            Indian Kitchen... now that I'm thinking about it, it's actually called Kitchen of India -- This is our neighborhood place, and it's solid and dependable and magically delicious. Worth going out of your way for? Honestly -- probably not. But if you find yourself on Joppa Road and you've got a hankering for garlic naan, you won't go wrong.

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              I go out of my way to go grocery shopping at Wegman's from Pasadena so I probably would venture to Kitchen of India just because I wanted to try it. *LOL*

              1. re: Tempestuous

                Cafe Spice is my favorite too- the owners are super nice as well as the food being great. We have our belly dance meetup there every month- email me if you are interested! ( I looked on 'ettiquette' before posting this, and they ask that meetup people put in there email address and leave discussions off chowhound) -

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                  I had been to India Delight in Catonsville and was not impressed at all. I tried some chicken items. The items were not tasty. The prices they charge are very high. I

          2. I've been a few times, the last time several months ago. It has always seemed to me to be on a par with other Indian places in the area. As with any of them, I suspect that there are some dishes that they do well, and others that may be better elsewhere. I suspect that it may be related to where the chef is from. The "usual suspects" menu items at Indian restaurants do draw from different areas, and it's likely that the ones from the chef's native area (where he or she can draw on personal experience and enthusiams) will tend to be better than the ones where the chef is merely trying to dish up the "expected" fare.

            It never hurts to ask a server what the kitchen's strong suit is, or perhaps ask where the chef's from, and draw your own conclusions.

            As for the lunch buffet being "tired", as another poster mentioned, I can believe it. That's not a location where I would expect them to get sufficient traffic to require frequent refills of the buffet items, so the "tired" state of the buffet may be more related to location and economics than the skill of the kitchen.

            In all, I would put this place on a par with most Indian in this area. It's not likely to astound you, but it's fairly solid, dependable Indian in a part of the region where there aren't a lot of competitors in that cuisine. Until somebody else opens a "better" Indian place within an N mile radius (your choice of the value of "N"), it will do, though I suspect that they'd be able to step up their game a bit if there were competition. As it stands, though, the nearest competition that I can think of is Akbhar Place on Liberty Road, or one of the places in Baltimore.

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              Lunch at Indian Delight was awesome! Much better than the Indian restaurant we tried in Greenbelt a few months ago. We split the meat samosa appetizer which was really good. The pastry was light and the meat and peas inside were seasoned well. I'm not sure what kind of seasoning was in there but it was really good. We ordered the coconut naan which was dense and sweet. I love coconut so I knew that I was going to like that. For an entree I got the lamb biryiani. Again, I'm not sure of the spices used but I really liked it. I'm not sure if it was the saffron or the corriander or what it was but I got a lemony type flavor. Maybe it was the cilantro? Dining partner got the lamb vindaloo which I tried and found pretty spicy. We also got the combination pickled mango, beans, and peppers. I know that you're supposed to mix it with your food but I always try to it eat it alone and end up with a mouth full of saltiness. We also each got a glass of the mango lessi which was very refreshing. For dessert I got the pistachio ice cream but found it rather gritty and not creamy at all. It was like they had their freezer set to low and so there were ice chips in the ice cream. Dining partner got rice pudding for dessert which was really more like a slurry/soup rather than a thick pudding so that was kind of disappointing. Overall though I think I'll definitely go back!!

              1. re: lrebetsky0423

                Sorry for the long delay in reply - checking for new posts on old threads.

                If you had kulfi, the issue is that it's not really ice cream, as we think of it. Ice cream is basically a cream, sugar, and flavor (and sometimes egg) mixture that is stirred as it freezes, to incorporate air.

                A kulfi is usually a mixture of milk, sugar and flavor that has been cooked down to thicken it, and then poured into molds and frozen without stirring. I've seen some recipes that use a mixture of condensed milk and evaporated milk to simulate the cooking down process in a more convenient manner.

                Anyway, the texture of kulfi can be gritty, depending on how cold the freezer is, and how much water content is in the mixture that hasn't been fully incorporated into the mixture. Because there isn't the constant stirring as with ice cream, any water content can form ice crystal structures, which is what I'm guessing accounts for the gritty "mouth feel" you describe.