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Aug 19, 2007 06:33 PM

Help!!! What wine to pair w/blue cheese Burger???

I'm making Blue cheese burgers, with sauteed onions/mushrooms...but don't know what would go best! I have a rather extensive cellar so suggest away!! Oh BTW while I'm at it do you think I should have some sort of sauce like s.d. tomato aioli or is that too much??

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  1. Save your cellar for real food; I suggest a January vintage Budwieser.

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    1. re: Passadumkeg

      HaHaHa Try drinking a real beer!!!! I have wine on hand and want to drink that. Hence the post help me pair a wine. I was thinking of Cab or Zin but I feel as though the Blue cheese might add a bit of a twist and a Rhone Style white or even Champagne would be better! I was hoping for some useful suggestions.

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        Indeed, the blue cheese makes me lean toward whites... like a dry Riesling or or even some prosecco or blanc de blanc

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          I like a Central Coast Pinot Noir (like Wild Horse) with my blue cheeseburger.

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          I have to tell you, Passadumkeg, I've had burgers with some of the very best CA Cabs of the past 15 years and it has consistently been amazing. Some very very famous Bordeaux, too, and the pairing has been almost as good.

        3. I think you're right on, sweetnspicy. Zin or Cab. Depending on where you are, Seghesio Sonoma zin is always good. Franciscan Cab may work nicely as well. And they're both in the $15-20 range (not sure what you were looking to spend).

          1. I'd go with your initial thought. New World Cab or Zin.

            1. Hey Sweet...

              Depends a bit on the blue cheese you're using, IMO.

              If a cows-milk like Gorgonzola, I'd definitely go with a Rioja

              If sheeps milk (roquefort, etc.), that favors Zinfandel. Why ? Just my opinion, but in my tastings the spicier zin seems to match the extra-pungency of the roquefort whereas the tempranillo is a bit softer and seems to favor the cows milk gorgonzola a bit more than zin does.

              But regardless, you're really onto something, these are potentially great flavor combos.

              You ask what to add, how to improve these burgers...

              1) With both, definitely cook on the BBQ as both Zin and Rioja favor BBQ flavors (smoke, wood, tang, etc.)

              2) With the Rioja/Gorgonzola, add your favorite PORK or LAMB cuts to the ground burger as Rioja is a major pork and lamb-friendly wine.

              3) Ditto the above wrt pork/lamb for Zinfandel & Roquefort burgers. In addition consider adding some venison to the ground burger meat as zinfandel is very friendly to venison also. For that matter you could go 100% venison burgers w/ Roquefort and zinfandel.... but ground venison is often too lean and you need to add some fattier meat to it.


              1. Thank you all so much! I think I wanted to try the Rioja but none on hand. I'm just getting into the Spanish wines a bit more they are a buy and drink see what I like thing at the moment. So I picked three to choose from: 02 Ridge Monte Bello, 03 Paraduxx Zin, 04 Piedra Hill Howell Mtn. Cab. I decided to save the Ridge and pull the first bottle I saw from the other 2. 04 Piedra won!! I'll let you know how it went.

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                1. re: sweetnspicy

                  I'm just going to ditto ChiMike on everything, but also add-

                  With burgers, I don't like to drop a lot of $$, but I want a good match to the robust flavor, so in the "spicy" variety, I'd humbly add Argentinean Malbec to the suggestions. Well priced, and holds it own.

                  1. re: sweetnspicy

                    Piedra Hill worked out well, it is a great cab with well integrated tannins, blackberry, clove hints of chocolate and oak. I would have liked the pairing a bit better if it had been a little spicier. I think Zin or Rioja next time I venture down the road. All in all dinner was very enjoyable. Thank-you all!!