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Aug 19, 2007 06:01 PM

Where is best seafood with ocean view?

We are looking for a place for a birthday dinner and she would like some good fried oysters or some type of seafood. It doesn't have to fancy schmancy, just good food with an ocean view. Somewhere in Southern California, sort of near the LA/Orange County area, but we're willing to drive a lil' ways too. I knew you guys would know!

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  1. Quality Seafood at the Redondo Beach Pier. Buy seafood and have them cook it. Take to adjacent picnic tables (with some locally purchased cold beer). Sit down and chow down.

    Or upscale. Go to the Santa Monica Pier and eat at the Lobster restaurant which is right at the foot of the pier. Go for sunset and drink bloody mary's and eat lobster, shrimp, crab and oysters.

    The Lobster
    1602 Ocean Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90401

    1. Catch at Casa del Mar



      1. for a relatively inexpensive meal with ocean views there are many places along the coast in malibu...on the ocean side/waterfront: gladstone's, duke's, moonshadows, paradise cove beach cafe...and on the east side of pch: malibu fish & seafood, nepune's net, reel inn.

        then again, if you DO decide to go 'fancy schmancy,' there's always geoffreys.

        there are also several oceanfront hotels in santa monica that might work for you, although they will be a bit pricey as they're more upscale restaurants...'coast' at shutters on the beach, 'catch' at casa del mar, 'ocean & vine' at loews s.m...

        i guess it depends on your friend's culinary preferences [i.e. casual, fried oysters vs. upscale or fine dining].

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          Gladstones = overpriced and overcooked and over touristy.

          Nice view though.

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            Paradise Cove is great because it really is right on the beach, but the food is somewhat uninspired, although the helpings are beyond generous. The fudge cake is gi-normous. I love Neptune's Net, although it took me a while to realize there are two sides, the fried side and the boiled/steamed side.

          2. Wow, I knew you guys would know some places. Yea, I think Fancy would be good if it's worth it and not too much, we don't have alot of money but want to have fun and have some really good food. And ocean view always makes you feel better and tranquil away from the kids and hectic life for a lil' while. Me and my husband ate at that "Reel Inn" on pch once when nothing was open and it was cheap but fish and food was totally tasteless when we went a couple months ago. I know my friend said rustic or casual but I do think she would appreciate a nicer place, we just hope we can afford for her birthday. I know how places change though, new cooks or whatever. Has anyone been to Warehouse restaurant in Marina Del Rey? Can you tell me about the seafood or ambiance or service there? Thanks sooo much. I appreciate your time.

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              Go anywhere but the Warehouse.

            2. Whyyyy did you say that about Warehouse Rest.???

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                Because it's uninspired and tired - food, service and ambiance included.