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Aug 19, 2007 04:33 PM

Tampa Near USF - HELP!!!!

I am in Tampa near USF every week for about three days and have yet to find a really Chow worthy place. Casa Don Jose is OK, but that is about it. I need help for places within 10 -15 minutes of I-75 and Fletcher.

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  1. You must have found the new location for Cafe Don Jose (north of where it was, across from the bowling alley). The Olde World Cheese Shop has good sandwiches- it is in the Sherwood Forest Shopping Center, south on 56th, next to where Don Jose used to be. The sandwiches are named after Robin Hood characters. The Robin Hood sandwich is a fav. There are several small grills in that same area that may be good- haven't tried them yet. If you drive along Fletcher, west of Bruce B. Downs there are some small places that professors and students know about- check those out too. I don't know if it's still there, but north on Bruce B Downs, there is a Papas Greek on the right hand side in a shopping center that my family loved. True Greek. Small place, eat in or take out. Desserts and breads too. I'm sure someone can speak better to the Fletcher area places.
    HTH a little.

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    1. re: Tampafoodie

      Thanks. I will poke around and see what I can find. Unfortunately, Fletcher is under construction past BBD, so that limits it a bit right now, but I will make the adventure. I like the Pappas place a lot. We go there to lunch fairly often.

    2. a search might serve you well.

      Morae's Persian
      Savvy Jack's
      Trang Viet Cuisine
      Taj Indian
      Antonio's pasta grill
      Jerk Huit at the new location on Fowler is quite good!

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      1. re: andy huse

        Thanks a bunch. I had dinner at Antonio's last night. Not great, but good local people doing OK food. I will try the rest.

      2. Taj on Fowler was good for Indian food and in the same plaza there was a good sushi place. The only place I have eaten at in a couple of years off of Fowler is Trang Viet Cuisine.

        1. Is Antranak's still there? I used to spend half of my time in Tampa and Antranak's (not sure if I'm spelling it right) is a hole in the wall deli/grocery place that makes the BEST sandwiches and greek salads. My fave sandwich was called "cheese & salad" - yum! It's on Fowler near the corner of 56th in a bright yellow building & is worth a try for a carry-out lunch.

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          1. re: nojunk

            Antranak's is gone. We passed by the spot yesterday and there is an Arby's there. I loved the little circle cookies and the flat round bread with the black sesame seeds. Great sandwiches!

          2. In the same shopping center as Taj at Fowler and 30th is La Cocina(spanish/cuban/puerto rican) and Pho Quyen (Vietnamese). Both very good. I've heard that Ichiban is good and it has been there for ages, but I've never been. At Amberly and BBDowns is Sushi Tsu, Fushia and Thai Ruby for more Asian choices- all good. Also, on Fletcher, West of 30th is Lai Thai and Mi Pueblo Chico for authentic Mexican.

            Does anyone know anything about Golden Dynasty Chinese or Ho Ho Choy at Fletcher and 15th?

            BTW, Fletcher is clear and open since last Wednesday.

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            1. re: rikkikm

              Some friends who lived in temple Terrace for many years really like a place called LaLa on 56th South of Fowler. I have not been yet, but they re not crazy people

              1. re: sarge

                we nee good spanish/Cuban near USF. Lala's is okay, but not all that. La Cocina has increased quality and prices under new ownership. Neither is great. I wish Arco Iris would open around there.

                1. re: andy huse

                  Andy, Don't you dare take Arco Iris away from its rightful spot 6 blocks from my house! What would us Old West Tampa folks do without it?

                  Phneal, I am not sure if this is close enough for your purposes, but 10 minutes in the car from USF will get you to Big John's Alabama BBQ, on 40th and E. Hillsborough, which is super-yummy and very atmospheric.

                  I second Taj, Jerk Hut, and Pho Quyen as good choices on Fowler. Ichiban Japanese, in the same mall-thingy as Taj and Pho Quyen, was pretty good the one time I ate there.

                  1. re: rebecca.kukla

                    I did not realize that's where the Pho Quyen was on Fowler. If it's even 1/2 as good as the Pho Quyen near my house it's worth a visit!

                    1. re: rhnault

                      It is hard to see - it's in the back Northwest corner of that mall - i.e. the same one that has 5 Guys burgers showing from the road. I haven't eaten at their other branch but I thought it was really good - best vietnamese I have had in Tampa so far.

                  2. re: andy huse

                    I noticed not too long ago that La Cocina had done a remodel and were going by the name of Bamboleo. Driving by it last night- it's gone completely- brown paper covering the windows and all. Anyone know what happened?

                    1. re: rikkikm

                      I haven't been by there in a while, but my wife and I were regulars for lunch for the longest time until they changed everything (they even started serving the yellow rice in little pyramid shapes to make it fancier). It seemed as though they got a new chef and none of the food tasted as good as it did before and they also got rid of the lunch menu so you go for lunch and pay dinner prices. It was a bad move considering the location . It used to be jam packed with college students, proffesors, and workers from all over that area during lunch, the last few times we went it was almost dead and that was a while ago too. It's a shame I used to realy like them, now for Cuban we go to Rubens Cubans on Busch Blvd.