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Aug 19, 2007 04:14 PM

Any recommendations for birthday party prix fixe menu in West LA?

My boyfriend's birthday is coming up and I'm trying to organize a dinner for him and a bunch of our friends. I want to do something family style or prix fixe, just to make ordering/paying easy. I want to stay around $30/person or under. I'd like to do pizza or something equally simple. Nothing fancy or stuffy or overly gourmet. He's a straightforward kind of guy. A good beer, a platter of fried things, and a quality pizza would be ideal. I want something like Miceli's, but I've heard the food there is horrible. Any suggestions? It should be in Hollywood/Beverly Hills/Westwood/Santa Monica/West LA. Thanks!!

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  1. How about 3rd Stop? They have a lot of great beers and I had a tasty pizza there last winter.

    8636 W 3rd St
    Los Angeles, CA 90048

    1. Your best bet might be C&O Trattoria, and they'll definitely work with you to do a set menu.

      Porterhouse Bistro--don't know if it's too "fancy" and it's gone up in price, though I think it's still under 30 bucks on weeknights.

      You could also do something like Musha or teppenyaki at a Yamato-type place

      Or, Korean bbq at Sa Rit Gol or Soot Bull Jeep

      On Sundays, Violet has a 35 dollar prix fixe, but it's a little more upcale than pizza, but certainly not stuffy

      1. Fritto Misto in Santa Monica fits your bill. Fritto Misto plates come with fried shrimp, calamari, and seasonal veggies. They have some very tasty salads, and you can create your own pasta. To quote Zagat: "fantastic food at rock bottom prices".

        1. May not be quite what you're looking for but what about dominicks Sunday Supper?
          it's $15 prix fixe with a rotating sunday supper menu, cheap enough that other menu dishes can be ordered to supplement... not stuffy, though more upscale than pizza and fried things.

          korean bbq is great, but perhaps not the most conducive to a relaxed and quiet dinner.

          1. In my experience, if you plan ahead with the owner/manager, most places will let you put together a prix fixe menu with an upper limit. I have done this for business dinners and lunches all over town. Some places even print out a special menu for you and your guests.

            For what you describe as what he likes, I'd suggest Angeli Caffe on melrose. They could easily do prix fixe or even family style, and their food is fabulous. They have good beer, fried things, and pizza, as well as good bread, salads, mains, pastas and desserts.

            Just call ahead and ask to speak to the head manager or owner