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Aug 19, 2007 04:11 PM

Princeton/Montello Wisconsin - Pizza?

I will be in the Princeton/Montello area and I am wondering if there are any good pizza places. We have a large group so if need be we can do carry out, but dine in is preferred. Bars that serve good homemade pizza are also okay with us. Any recommendations would be great!


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  1. We are from Chicago but have a summer home in Green Lake. The best pizza we have found is Pizza Factory in Princeton. How big is your group? We have gone there with 16 people. We preordered the pizza and salads and made a reservation and that worked out great.

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      We have 13 people so it sounds like they could accomodate us. I just checked out their menu and it looks awesome. Buffalo wing pizza? Sign me up. Thanks a ton for the tip.