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Aug 19, 2007 02:57 PM

Road Stop en route from NYC to Boston?

Im looking for some suggestions for my trip back later this week from Boston back to NYC or vice versa but I am looking for something along the way in either Conn or Mass close the the main arteries that Ill be taking (91/84/MassPike) where I can pick up something that these areas may be known for - products that are not perishable preferred for taking back or I am more than willing to sit down for a good quick local meal.


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  1. I have heard that there is some great bakeries on the way as well as some pizza joints where you can get to-go that is partially frozen for taking on the road?

    1. modern apizza, 874 state st. in new haven (203-776-5306). i live in NYC now and this pizza is WELL worth the 3-hour round trip. had a fresh tomato pie just yesterday and ate more than half before coming up for air. it's that good- gorgeously charred thin crust, perfect proportion of garlic-laced sauce to cheese. the clam pie is also stellar.

      the restaurant has a nice, laid-back atmosphere if you want to eat in, but i can attest the pizza can make the journey all the way to NYC- as long as you keep it in the trunk, safely out of reach.

      if you're on 95 south, get off at exit 48- it's also accesible from 91 S.

      1. I agree you can't beat New Haven pizza but if you want to stop in Hartford get off exit 27(Airport Road) off of I-91 south, turn right and at the third light you're at Franklin Ave, hartford's Italian district. Turn left to #464 for a great huge grinder, #556 DiFiore Pasta for ravioli etc to cook at home, #577 Ficara's for a traditional Italian meal or head the other direction to #329 Mozzicato's Bakery for Italian cookies, pastries, breads and sheet pizza.

        1. Any must-stop suggestions for New Haven or Hartford would be great.. thank you!

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            for crying out loud..if one more person recommends stopping in New Haven so you can wait two hours for a pizza...

            Just South of Hartford on 91 s..take the Rt 3 bridge to Glastonbury...bear right onto Rt 2 South...go about 1/2 mile...take exit for RT 94...take a right onto hebron Ave...2 good choices...for beer and good bar food...The Diamond...for Pasta...Pazzos across the St. ..

            1. re: sodagirl

              Stop in New Haven so that you can wait two hours for pizza.

              Or, alternatively, call just after you've left NYC and place a takeout order with Frank Pepe's or Sally's. Should be ready right around when you arrive. Worked for me.

          2. Rein's Deli in Vernon, Conn, of course.

            It's the quintessential stopping place.