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Aug 19, 2007 02:28 PM

Macaroons like the attached photo

Has anyone seen macaroons like these, sold in Austin? I don't want the big coconut chunks like at Quack's but the soft/chewy type like this photo.


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  1. Chispa, I know exactly what you're looking for, and I too was on the same quest. Unfortunately, I found nothing except...a recipe! I actually gave them a try and they came out nicely.

    A month or so ago, I saw them frozen at Spec's, but I actually looked for them yesterday and it seems they have stopped carrying them.

    At any rate, here's a link to my blog post with the recipe. It wasn't hard to do at all, and I brought them to work and made people swoon.

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      I saw them frozen at Specs recently - the one on Airport Blvd.

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          1. Yes, these are Parisian macaroons...I'm not from Austin but if there aren't any true Parisian bakeries around, if there is a Whole Foods near you, you might try there. I have seen them at our local (Seattle) Whole foods.

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              Sadly, our Whole Foods do not have them, believe me, I've checked.

              If you decide to make them, make sure you do lots and lots of research. The recipe I link to in my blog is from another blog. The comments on that recipe had a TON of great tips that I followed. I was really happy with the results I got my first time. In fact, I might have to make them again this weekend. This time I want to do a fleur de sel/caramel combo. I'd also like to do a pistachio version.

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