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Pizza Delivery on the UWS

Hi all. I'm dying to find the perfect pizza delivery on the UWS. Please let us know your thoughts!

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Castigliano's on 10th and 57th

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      Where is this place? I couldn't find it by foot or by google.com.

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        Oh no, I probably spelled it wrong. I'll check when i'm out and get back to you.

      1. I'm partial to Pizzabolla on Amsterdam and 92nd, basically I love their whole wheat crust.

        1. T&R Pizza- Amsterdam btwn 79th and 80th. Excellent!!!!

          1. they don't deliver, but Patsy's on 74th and columbus does takeout and the pizza is excellent.

            1. In the 70s, I really like New Pizza Town. Farther uptown, DH and I like the pizza from Daniello's (Columbus and 94th-ish). Both are less of that floppy crust that you get from, say, Famiglia or Ray. Neither are as good as Patsy's, but Patsy's doesn't deliver.

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                Actually Patsy's did start delivery last year, but only during lunchtime!

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                  True, so its pretty useless except for weekends...I believe they deliver until 5 pm, so it works for a pizza fix during football...

                1. I like Rigoletto's pizza for delivery, 208 Columbus Ave btwn 69th & 70th St.
                  Hot and Crusty, like Patsy's, doesn't deliver, but those two, in that order, are the best I've eaten on the UWS.

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                    I agree. I like Rigoletto's as well, although I usually just get individual slices from there.